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Suggestions for DIY X'mas Gifts

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  • Suggestions for DIY X'mas Gifts

    Sorry All,

    I knew that some DIY threads are going on in CozyCafe. So right now, mine is about X'mas ideas. As X'mas is about a month away.

    Ok - here's my situation: I have a lot of presents to give. About 50+ people (Colleagues & Friends):p So buying presents for each of them will kill me Morever I always think making own gifts to people I know are more meaningful

    My purpose: Hope to have inspiration to make special & unique X'mas gifts to everyone I know

    Thanks All Of You In Advance


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    scented pouches?
    erm... scented candles with their names engraved on it?


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      Good Ideas

      But don't know how to create? Have any idea


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        Hmm for scented pouches, you can get the pouches from Spotlight. Get dried scented flowers and sew some words or names on the pouches for personalization. You can even put in little hot tarts in. You can even include a little something in each of them. If you have time you can do cross stitch (precious moments) pouches $1.50.

        For Scented candles you have to get candle wax melt them and mould them.... get some scented oil (aroma) for the scent you want. Think my brother did that for one of his project. Will ask him about the steps tonight.

        How to Make Your Own Candles
        It's simple, easy and fun to make your own candles.

        You no longer have to stand over a hot, smelly vat of beef fat & hand-dip your own to make beautiful, lead-free, safe and nicely scented candles. All you need are a few inexpensive, easy to find supplies to begin making your own scented delights!

        Candle molds can be any heat-proof material you have in your home - Or you can purchase molds from a craft shop. For round candles, try holiday tree balls. For squares, empty milk cartons work well. Multiple wick candles can have empty coffee cans as molds - and fire starters often use cardboard egg cartons.

        *Important* Do NOT attempt to make jar candles in anything other than tempered glass sold for that specific purpose. Un-tempered glass will shatter and could cause serious injury or fire. Round candles poured in holiday tree bulbs must have the glass removed before attempting to burn.

        There are a variety of waxes available on the market today, including low, medium and high melt points. The layer candles so popular are made by using 3 different temperatures of wax. Wicks are now metal core rather than lead core; and can also be purchased at any craft shop.

        Candle making should NOT be attempted by unsupervised young children, as serious injury may result.

        There are almost as many candle scents bottled today as there are varieties of flowers and food. Make sure you use only candle oils to scent candles. Essential oils are highly volatile and may not be safe for candle making.

        What you'll Need to make your candles:
        A double boiler for melting the wax. A 1# coffee can inside a 3# coffee can works well - but you MUST use oven mitts to handle the cans. Perhaps you have a double-boiler that you'll not use again for food preparation - if so, that will work nicely.

        Never use any utensil for candle making that will revert to food use. The commercial dyes and scents are not food safe.

        Your candle making equipment should be stored in a room other than the kitchen, to avoid confusion.

        Wax Molds
        Wick Candle Color (optional)
        Wick Tabs Candle Scent (optional)

        Heat wax to melt point over low to medium heat in the double boiler. Do NOT heat on high as fire may result. While wax heats, prepare wicks. Insert one end of the wick into a wick tab. Tie the other end off around a pencil or dowel rod laid across the top of your container. For ball candles, insert the wick after the candle has hardened. Make sure the wick is straight and the tab centered when you begin to pour. An un-centered wick or 'wavy' wick will result in an uneven burn. You can also insert a wick after the candle is finished - but inserting it before is much easier. When your wax has melted, add your color, and remove from heat. Add scent after wax is removed from heat - paying special attention to the temperatures referenced on the fragrance manufacturers instructions. Some oils require very low temperatures of wax to avoid fire. You will need to save any left-over wax for the topping off process after the candle has hardened.

        When your wax has been colored & scented, you may pour it into your molds. You may have chosen a commercial 'hardener', which will give your candle a more uniform color & longer burn time - but remember - hardeners tend to inhibit scent. After you pour your candle, you may notice a "well" by the wick. You will need to 'top off' the candle before removing it from the mold. Many less expensive candles such as those found in chain department stores are made by using unscented, or under-scented wax in the bottom portion, and topping off the candle with a highly scented mixture.

        Let your new candle harden 24 hours before removing from the mold.

        You should Never decorate your candle with any burnable item - no leaves, no spices, no seashells. Anything that will burn, will burn in a candle, and cause a potentially hazardous situation. Even glass inserts should be avoided when making decorative wax candles. Always put your candle on a hard surface, away from anything flammable. Never burn jar candles below 1" from the bottom; and make sure they're elevated up off the furniture (with a candle wrap) to avoid scorching the surface.

        Gel candles are extremely popular. The gel is a petroleum by-product; hence it's extremely flammable. We suggest that should you like the look of a gel candle, including the attractive inserts, that you purchase a kit from a craft or hobby shop and eliminate the wick. Your candle will still look as beautiful as an air freshener. Gel is sold in bulk by only a couple of petroleum manufacturers around the country. Because of its' volatile nature, we do not advise that novices attempt to work with the gel.

        Used responsibly, candles create the moods we want - whether relaxing in a tub of bubbles surrounded by heavenly scented candles - or refreshing your home.

        Please burn your candles wisely, and do not leave them unattended. Your life depends on it.
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          if you're into baking, you could bake christmas brownies! i'm doing that for most of my friends. i'm going to cheat and buy a brownie mix and bake trays of brownies, then get cookie cutters to cut out the brownies in shapes of snowflakes and christmas trees. you could decorate the brownies with personalised icing.


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            I wish to bake but I'm a goner in kitchen But still thanks for your suggestion Hopefully, one day I'll be the King Of Kitchen


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              hey maybe you can try those premixeed cookie dough in the supermarket. all you have to do is cut up the dough, and pop them into the oven.
              think i saw them in the chilled foods section of the larger supermarkets.


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                hey deary!:wave:

                what about handphone chains,earrings or chocolates?You could make some small chocolates and wrap them up in small boxs.Personalise them with icing using your friend's intials.e.g.the letter 'P',etc...


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                  Hi Ange,

                  It's a good ideas too. But do you have any idea about doing it Right now, I'm exploring all the possibilities

                  Thank you


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                    not ange, but maybe try premix for choc cookies?
                    then customised by shaping them in alphabets


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                      I was thinking of making little boxes of strawberry chocolates for mass gifts! Tied up nicely with sash ribbon and box.
                      It's so easy, melt the chocolate, dip strawberries, let it cool, and VOILA!


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                        yup,like the gals said...premixes are awesome
                        for home-made chocolates,you can just buy those hershey chocolate,packed especially for melting,etc.You can get a mold at any baking ware shop,or just buy rainbow cupcake foil and pour,ice the letters on them...
                        Pop into the fridge and after an hr tadaaa!

                        chocolates for everybody!