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  • Entertaining baby?

    Can anyone share their tried-tested ways to entertain baby- eg. songs, actions, toys (specifically what kind), furniture (swing or any other gadgets)?
    Both the type where you have to be the entertainer, and the type where you just leave her to look at something/ switch on something for her.

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    Entertainer-needed entertainment:
    - we have a couple of movie posters around the house, plus 2 posters (pictures of fruits and numbers) I bought for her, I would walk her around to look at each one daily or whenever she is awake and seems bored.

    -'Excercise' time: her-daddy-my-hubby bicycles her legs and move her arms around while talking to her.

    - Songs: hmm...she dont seem to like my singing LOL. Hubby sings to her alot though, she seems to like it alot better haha.

    -I also carry her and sit in my pastille chair rocking away, but this is usually when I want to put her to sleep.

    No-entertainer-needed entertainment:
    -I put her in an automated swing that a lovely friend lent me, comes with lights (she LOVES light!), music and a dial to adjust swinging speed. Absolutely nothing else will she be entertained by when left alone.


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      Everyone please contribute, cause I am also desperately in need of ideas here. She seems to be more and more awake for longer and longer periods, and I am running out of ideas myself.

      Anyway, where can I buy toys that emit light? My baby is quite picky with her toys and only adores light (she can stare at the living room ceiling lamp for ages) and round-ish things. I cant seem to find toys with light, any idea where to find??


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        Haha, I like this topic My girl is also awake longer and seems to long for LOTS of entertainment, unfortunately she also gets bored pretty easily so we can't use one form of entertainment for long.

        1) TV ... she likes watching TV for short periods. We've tried putting on videos of animated films, she seems to like the vivid moving colors on TV

        2) Lie her down, turn off the room lights and shine a torchlight on the ceiling. Most babies seems to like lights. Mine was quite fascinated the first time my hubby did this. She even stopped crying!

        3) Wave your arms infront of her. My hubby likes to play "drums" and make sound effects. Baby laughs every time he does it. Somehow when I do it, she's not so amused. So I just wave my arms all over the place (like a super idiot) ...

        4) Get books with huge bright colored pictures. I was flipping this book with her and she was quite taken by the pictures.

        5) Musical mobile - works for only about 5-10 minutes


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          i have a fisher price vibrating bouncer which works wonders if your baby is colicky, and it doubles up as an entertainment centre cuz it is a kick and play type where there is a arch over the bouncer which plays music and lights up when she kicks at the foot pads.

          other times i use it as a chair for her so that i can perform while she sits and watch :wish: sing song, show her pop up books, shake her rattles

          different ages require different stimulation. i get my info from babycenter abt what types of toys works best for babies at different ages


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            haha I'm no mother but I jus wanted to mention that my tuition tchr's baby was greatly amused when I cleared my throat by accident so much so that he chortled.. soo cute! I tried a few more times subsequently and somehow it seemed to work in gettin him all excited. way adorable.. haha

            try it on your little ones and tell me how it goes yea.. but I think it probably won't work.. lol

            mango: since your lil girl's so interested in lights she'll have such a fun time down Orchard since Xmas is coming! and the xmas tree as well..
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              I always like to go to to check out their toys. You can browse the toys by age, so it's easy as a pea.

              Chris, I saw a nightlight mobile for the crib at the web site, and I think that is what you're looking for, but I haven't seen it at Singapore though. But check it out anyway.

              I find that babies also like musical mirror. Or at least my vain baby sure does! lol.

              Edited: Chris, found this for you at the Kids Mall web site. Remember that Suntec City store we went to? That's the one.
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                For my case, with the playmats and rockers available, the thing he loves best is to coo and gurgle at the ceiling. Sometimes I will lie besides him to find out whats the attraction.

                I try giving him things to touch and talk to him about it. And yes nothing beats going down for walks to show him trees and stuff.


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                  Davis, thanks for the link to fisher-price website; Wow, they have so many beautiful playthings!

                  Anyone has any idea where I can find the largest range of fisher-price toys??


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                    You're welcome. Not sure which store has the biggest range of Fisher-Price toys, but I know Robinson Centerpoint has a rather big range of their toys.


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                      My home is small, kind of scary the way I'm piling up these bulky toys.

                      Originally posted by momopeach
                      Chris, I saw a nightlight mobile for the crib at the web site
                      I saw a fancy by-something-doctor lights-music nightlight... the lights rotate like some disco changer, quite fancy... price quite fancy too, I forgot.
                      Chris, the kidsmall link showing turning lamp- I have that (2 of them actually- 1 I bought years ago for myself at about $100 cos it was a fancy store... but it fell apart on me, recently I bought a similar from PICKET RAIL furniture store for about $25. Price differs with quality but doesn't matter as long as it turns ). It's REALLY nice, especially for older kids like me. LOL!

                      Originally posted by happybean
                      If you have a Lifestyle shop near you, they carry a Aquatic themed bouncer(cum-vibrator, i think) by Fisher Price.
                      I saw this- was quite keen to buy this but I bought the Fisher Price deluxe swing (with lights, music but not sound-sensor activation), don't know if it's duplication of some sort.

                      Originally posted by majacqueline
                      And yes nothing beats going down for walks to show him trees and stuff.
                      Thanks for this tip- will try this when she stops falling asleep the minute we step out of the front door.


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                        Momo, what musical mirror are you using?

                        I'm now tempted to buy that revolving light thingy that Mel & Momo are talking about

                        Sigh, I think in no time, I'm gonna have lots of toys in the house which will become obselete in no time. Nowdays when I go shopping, I head to the baby dept straight away and always end up buying baby stuff. No more visiting the cosmetic counters and trying on nice clothes for myself :roll:


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                          The one I have is something like this:

                          Now instead of putting it on the crib, I put it on her baby walker sometimes.

                          Mogmick, I know exactly what you mean about the heaps of toys! It's only gonna get worse! lol. Talking about which, I am probably going toy-shopping on Monday.


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                            Is it true that babies are soothed by vibrating movements? I'm no mother but all I remember is Samantha from SATC using her new vibrator and placing it beside the baby's body and the movements stopped his crying...

                            then again, its just a show....


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                              Baby and I often dance to the music on mtv and she loves it.

                              When she is bored, I'll bring her for a walk, she loves seeing everything around her.

                              I set up our christmas tree 2 days ago and she absolutely love it too. The lightings simply amazes her and have a calming effect on her too. For the first time, she actually fell a sleep on her own the other night after staring at the beautiful lights.