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Dry swimming aka Mahjong

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  • Dry swimming aka Mahjong

    Hey gals,

    Anyone here knows how to play mahjong? sure quite a number of you knows right?

    But the hopeless me, do not even know to to play daidee ( a poker card game).....

    Any websites to learn them? or can anyone explain to me? ahhaah.......

    I know that learning from friends is the easiest...but all my friends do not play mahjong...

    As for daidee, most of them do not know how to teach. All of them ask me to look and see....but so far, from what i "look and see" i only know the aim of the game is the clear the cards like UNO ? haha...and the "strongest" card is number 2.............

    Any kind souls here willing to explain to me rules of game? ahahah

    edit: daidee aka Big Two
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    You gals can have mahjong sessions besides the current slumber party Best to learn that way!

    I'm hopeless at mahjong so hopefully the rest can help u!


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      actually can play mahjong online at yahoo under games..


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        think the best way to learn is to first, observe. second, get some hands-on experience, and you'll start learning and learning. Think there's always things to learn from. So, just start somewhere.

        Talking about mahjong.. exams are just over for me and i'm itching for some mahjong sessions!


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          There is actually an online Dai Dee game, called Big2. I used to have the program. I think it can be downloaded somewhere.

          Let me look for it.. Be right back. :wave:


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            there's this computer game called Hong Kong Mahjong, that's where i first started learning how to play it before advancing to the actual mahjong table! it's quite informative. i think you can find it for at popular, should cost around $12.90 IIRC.


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              i think you can download Hong Kong Mahjong! try doing a search, maybe i downloaded it before, was a total newbie to mahjong but i skimmed thru the instructions and managed to play a few rounds (though i still can't figure out the special combinations - flowers, animals etc? the same goes for dai dee though, i can only play 5 cards if they're the same shape/colour & they're in running numbers, don't ask me about the rest!)

              try playing it online first & when you play with your friends, you get a clearer idea


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                Wow really?!?!

                I'll try searching for the Hong Kong mahjong online for download!!

                Its in english or chinese? i can't read chinese very well though.


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                  try for downloads too


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                    I learned big2 last year only. Agree that hands-on is much more an effective way to pick up the basics.


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                      hong kong mahjong is in english (instructions/options etc). but there are some characters (you can choose to play with a variety of them) who speak cantonese and english phrases. not really important, the cantonese phrases, it's like "yay!" or "i've won!" or something. haha.

                      haven't touched it for awhile, it was quite addictive at one point.


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                        im downloading it now!!!

                        Gonna transform into queen of gamblers soon!



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                          Some online mahjong is slightly different from the "real" mahjong. Even different friends will play mahjong slightly differently. I agree hands-on is the best way to learn, after you grasp the concept of the game, then you can learn about strategy. It takes experience to learn.

                          Maybe you can gather some friends to learn? Some people play mahjong for earning money or get very uptight about rules and taboos etc, you might feel STRESSED playing with them!!


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                            i agree with ginger, online mahjong works differently. but i guess playing hongkong mahjong game is a good way to train up first. i took up mahjong early this year, learning by observation and gaining some hands-on experience by sitting for people who gotta go to the loo

                            i made some people pretty angry though, because i was slow to arrange the tiles, kept drawing from the wrong side, and i 'zha hu' (game incorrectly)

                            but then again, nobody was born with the knowledge of how to play. everything comes from experience. so it really helps if you have someone to guide you along the way and if the other players are understanding.


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                              Mini Mahjong Sets

                              Anyone knows where to buy mahjong sets? TIA!!