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Dry swimming aka Mahjong

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  • Mahjong this sunday, anyone?~
    I can't host though :p
    PM me if there's any game, max 30/60, 50/1 too big for me, haha..


    • anyone can host tmr night? overnight.

      PM me


      • u play 8hrs got win not? hehe


        • no. im not a pro. as in SG real life i play 10/20c or 20/40c only.

          yesterday lose. (today win!)

          cos must read carefully like how many many points...blah blah

          or dun join the cash game 1st, play the free money involve one.

          i start with $ one cos i think play $ more exciting and motivating.

          their $ one is..1 of the example: (US$) pay $1 for 1 game win, 1 winner get $3.20 (there are different rates) + win will get scores on the ''jackpot/competition board thing''.(very exciting part really...) 1st-3rd price/highest scorer will get $. last competition 1st winner get US$280.
          every competition jackpot different. if alot people play and compete, the bonus will increase...

          i get motivated on this competition jackpot thing...i duno how long the period for 1 competition jackpot, if im not shld be 1 week or 1 week plus duration.
          hope i can get at least 3rd price.
          the jackpot competition is for cash players. not for free games players. they have free game section and cash section.

          they have diff mj.. china, hk, tw,and others...

          i play the hk one. but is diff frm SG one. for example no animals tiles...

          by the way SG one is what style huh?

          we r playing rojak style?


          • i'm looking for mahjong kahkis 20cent/80cents shooters or 30/60cents shooter or nonshooter woodlands AREA preferred


            • Anybody knows where to buy cheap mahjong table? preferably in the east area


              • Giant.

                *** time chinese new year got promotion, table + tiles + chips, $34.99 only. super cheap.


                • Originally posted by View Post

                  *** time chinese new year got promotion, table + tiles + chips, $34.99 only. super cheap.
                  Haha they only sell during chinese new year, otherwise they are not selling on normal days.


                  Letting go my Hello Kitty Mahjong set and mahjong table, Pm me for pictures if interested, very pretty set, as good as new, only play once or twice.
                  It's my loss your gain!
                  Shipped from overseas.


                  • Originally posted by Cynnvon
                    if your house can host and is short of 2 players, pls call us 92712783. we are able to travel.

                    hello cynthia, small world.

                    fellow cotters who jio them, do remember that die die must see cash upfront before playing.

                    good luck !


                    • Hi Scarlett,

                      We play $1/2 shooter pays.

                      U interested, pls sms me 92287272

                      Live in Sengkang