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  • Rashes?

    I found some tiny red dots (no pus, no broken skin) behind her ears, on her arms, at her nappy area (front and buttocks) and chest/neck area. Are these heat rashes? How does heat rash look like? I'm quite worried that it'll be worsened.

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    I have no idea how heat rash looks like either. But I guess for now, just keep her cool and observe if her condition does worsens.


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      Hi Chris!

      My Emily has those red dots around her neck as well. I think they are heat rash. I just apply powder there to keep the area dry.


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        I swaddle my baby alot cos I'm paranoid about chills- yeah, she has lots of those dots mainly on her body. Heat rash.


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          Side track abit here..

          Mel, u look totally stunning in your avatar! Like a model/actress, really


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            ya me baby has heat rash on her neck.. i swaddle her tightly it bad? how can i cure it?"

            also can i find out *** u swaddle baby with? my MIL uses two cloth nappies (tollyjoy) coz 1 is too small. was wondering if there are bigger nappies so i can use one only coz i suspect bb is too hot.


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              Night I use flannel receiving blanket cos aircon, day I use 1 cloth diaper (too small but better than nothing).


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                baby's rashes on her neck cleared up A LOT after we stopped swaddling her so tightly and also gave her "airing" space for her neck...practically all rashes disappeard already..very happy now!


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                  Baby Rash ? Sucking Fingers

                  Kayden has some rashes around his eyes. I would say is mainly due to his dirty little hands (sucking fingers then rub his eyes) which I always try to clean with warm towel where possible and where necessary. He is about 7-week-old and just started sucking fingers few days back.

                  However, it is very much impossible to watch over him all the time to prevent him from sucking his fingers; thus baby rashes developed around his eyes.

                  1) How to get rid of baby rashes?

                  2) Should I try to train Kayden NOT to suck his fingers? Quite a challenge...


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                    baby rash

                    anyone's bb has this problem before?

                    it looks like mosquito bites but its not.
                    its comes on & off.
                    previously doctor say its allergy .
                    but this its been quite sometime.
                    not sure if its the milk.

                    not sure if i should go back gp or go pd

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                      missyj: confirm is allergies. my gal had it too when she's a few mths old. that time, she even had it on her face. there r thousands of reason what triggers the allergies. not necessary b the formula. can b the bed, blankets, toys etc.. & what the bb eat r also important. i didnt know that my gal is allergy to soya bean until she hv that allergies. hv to trial & error b4 u can find out. u can c the GP for a rest of mind but normally they will just say "its just an allergies. not very sure what triggers it cos theres a lot of reason y they hv rashes. so the only thing i can do now is give u a calamine lotion to help ease the itchiness." anyway, my gal hv that rashes for bout 2 weeks b4 it stopped coming back


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                        thks July.

                        my bb one have been quite a while on n off
                        ya gp did mention its allergy.

                        not sure if its because of Nan 2. anyway he gonna start Nan 3 soon. will monitor it again.