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    Sigh, my Focus monthly lens broke into half in my left eye. It has been 2 days, and i finally went to optical shop and asked for help. I got the other half lens out, and was told my upper lids got kinda of infection, could be due to lens in my eye for too long. The lady is nice, but she seems tense and serious. I cant wear lens for 3 days, was told to go back after 3 days and see if it has recovered by itself, if not, they got to 'take action'. Does anyone knows what will happen????

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    Poor jemay!!! they gave you some eye drop right? remeber to drop them frequently... they'll probably recommend you to see a specialist cos they are not certified to do much. dont worry you should be fine... Get better soon!!!


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      jemay, my lens broke into half too when i was trying to take it out. and i took hours to get the other half of the lens out. so scary.
      but not trying to scare you, my friend had an infection or rather a 'eye ulcer' years ago, and she went operation. then she was not allowed to wear contact lens anymore. or else she will go blind. this was told to her by her doctor. so i think you dun wear your contact lens first and see if it recovers by itself.

      Amanda, i did not try on the coloured lens before buying. i feel weird. i mean so many people tried that piece on and seems 'dirty'.


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        I have eye infection due to contacts lens before too. That's why I'm always on my glasses. I remember I had eye allegry because of of this my left eye vision is blur for like 2 months before I take any actions. The outer layer of my left eye starts to peel off, that explain my blur vision.

        So treat eye infection seriously and see the doctors when neccesary.

        Hope you are feeling better now girl.


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          ARGH.. sounds scary!!! I cant imagine if my eyes cant take contact lens anymore, i really dont want to be on glasses!

          Anyway, after i stopped wearing lens for 2 days, it seems the swollen part becomes better, and i was told by the optical shop i can wear my lens again. I guess i will just try to wear shorter hours now. Although the broken half has been found, but i am so paranoid about it, keep thinking that there are more broken pieces in my eye! I hope is just my imagination :roll:


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            Oh dear, Jemay! Do be very careful about lenses and your eyes. Many years ago when I was young and stupid and stingy, I wore the same pair of lenses over 2 years instead of getting a new pair after 1 year (those were the days before monthly lenses). 1 fine day I was at work when my lenses kept getting dragged up whenever I blinked. So I ran to an optical shop for help. The optician had a look at my eyes and promptly recommended me to an eye specialist, who then diagnosed me with some protein infection (it had some scary name that I can't recall now).

            The specialist would flip my eyelips up and take pics to show me. Yucks! I had lots of small bumps under the lids. I was prescribed some eyedrops that I had to use for months and kept going back to see her. Spent a bomb on the drops and even more on consultation And couldn't wear contact lenses for some time.

            Another symptom was, my eyes would have some white discharge that can be pulled out like a thread. Very disgusting.


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              Can u tell me which eye specialist u went to? I suspected something is wrong with my eye already when i compared both at looking the same thing in the dark last night. I think the corner of my eye color looks different now, and i just dont feel right about it. I think something is wrong with the protection part of the eye. If i am not wrong, there is this sheer layer of thingy protecting eyes, right?


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                Go to polyclinic to get referred to NUH. It'll cost a bomb to see the specialist. Get the referral letter and you can directly head to the eye clinic. Do the as soon as you can. Just in case you have bacteria infectionn and scarring occurs.


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                  I did the most stupid thing then. I went to SGH A&E dept today and it costs me $80 for a stupid consultation + a eye drop + a eye cream And the doctor thinks my eye is alright!

                  Somehow i got scared because last night before i slept, i compared both eyes looking up the ceiling. And apparently that affected eye cant even see the shape of my ceiling light whereas the non affected one can see it clearly.....

                  I skipped lens today and gone out in specs. I also realised the affected eye see more reflection of lights... like stars....

                  I got the referral letter to go National Eye Centre on tue. My wallet is screaming for help... anyone knows the basic consultation fee at Eye centre with the referral letter?? TIA


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                    with a referral letter, *** be cheaper abt $20 - $25


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                      Hi Hi Jemay. Better now?


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                        Thank u,pps

                        Ant dearie, i am ok, just feel not right about my eye. Tmrw am going to SNEC for a thorough checkup, in the meantime, not wearing lens


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                          Hi lilupig, I had the same symptom too except mine is the monthly disposable. Didnt go to see any doctor though, just stop wearing contacts for a few weeks and it goes away.

                          Anyone of you wear daily disposable contacts? What brand are you using and how is it in price, comfort level etc , compared to monthly disposable ones?

                          I read a thread on lasik surgery, seems like quite a few people here had went for lasik. hmm..... Hope the cost will go down since its getting more and more common and popular.

                          Jemay, hope your eye feels better. *hugz*


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                            Thanks! U can check it health section, there is thread on daily lens and lasik too!


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                              oops thanks jemay, will check it out.