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Infantcare (less than 18 mnths) Centres

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  • Infantcare (less than 18 mnths) Centres

    Mommies, any of you with experience or heard of friends who put babies less than 18 months old in infantcare centres?

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    My girlfriend's baby started going to infant care at queenstown area really early when he was 5 or 6 months old. I don't know much about it but he seems like a healthy and happy baby to me.


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      i intend to place my baby in the infantcare centre if i can't find a reliable caregiver when i return to work on his 6th month.

      i've visited 3 infantcare centres. The standard differs quite a bit (price too!). I felt the most comfortable with only one, coincidentally is the most expensive one. Spoke to the principal. Ratio of caregiver to baby is about 1 : 2 to 3 babies. What i like about the place is that being in a semi-detached house, it's nice and spacious and the centre devotes lots of interaction and play time for the babies instead of just leaving them in the cots.

      There's also a daily report that the caregiver has to write to indicate the amount of milk / food that baby eats for the day, how long he has slept etc.

      All these sounds good to me. But of course the cons of placing babies in the infantcare is that they can be susceptible to nasty viruses. The rigidity of the operating hours is also a problem, although i wish i could leave work as early as possible so that i can see my darling.

      So far none of my friends have placed their babies in the infantcare, i'm also waiting to hear feedback from anyone who has.


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        Keiko, which centre is the one you like? Do you live in the West?

        I'm in the West and so far, I've heard from one of my friends who put their daughter in Kids Space at Pasir Panjang. They (& baby) are very happy with it so far.


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          The one i like is Children Network at 7A, 9 Galistan Ave. This is just off Upper Bukit Timah. I stay about 5 mins drive away.


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            hi, anyone tried any infant care centre in the central or eastern part of Singapore? please share your experience. Thanks.


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              i have a question to ask, we will require to label our child milk bottles right? How do you mummies normally do it? By marker pen ? Does it affect the bottle/tits when sterilizing(using the traditional method) it ??