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  • Days of Our Lives

    I know this long-running soap opera can be a drag and irritating to most people....BUT...I love it!

    Was lunching to DOOL everyday when I was studying overseas, and I never missed an episode! I know all the characters by heart and swear that most of the actors and actresses were super gorgeous! hahahahah....I'm gushing here...

    Are there any DOOL fans out there?

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    Goodness its some serial. You can miss 3 months of it & still get back on track with what's happening.

    So complicated right? Even the actors/ actoresses have been changed - the show goes on.

    I though HK Chinese serial Zhen Qing was bad enough - then I remembered this Days of our lives.

    I means its entertaining but dont the actors get bored or sick with so many seasons?


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      Sorry i dont mean to be mean here but i think it looks really boring? I remember it was showing when i was 12 until now (im 17). Oh gosh but isnt it too long and dragging? The characters are always changing and the story gets more twisted.


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        If I'm not wrong, the series has been running since 1976 :bore: I used to watch it when I was jobless 4 years ago simple because there was nothing else on tv You can practically summarize each episode in 5 sentences or less.

        vit_c: I guess that's why the actors/actress keep changing. But if you think of it, some people also stick to their job for 10-20 years. Not all actors can land bigger role in Holywood movies


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          I lurve DOOL!
          Hahaha! And I thought I was the only one.
          I used to watch it everyday when I was waiting for my Os. And til now its still running.
          My fav character is Marlena coz I think she looks very good for her age.
          I used to like the previous actress who acted Kate and Billie.
          But now change le..

          I hate Sammi most of all coz she broke up Austin and Carrie!
          The previous actor who acted Austin looks so good too! Kekeke.
          The people look gorgeous no matter when and what, dun u think so!

          I also love to watch The Bold and The Beautiful on SCV!
          That show more interesting actually.
          Im really a soap opera freak.

          Im crazy over Kindred Spirit too. I still watch it whenever I can on weekends though I watched it b4.


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            I had my dose of it while I was studying overseas too. It got really bizarre when 1 of the characters was possessed by demons Or was that The Bold & Beautiful? I could never differenciate the 2.


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              i used to watch Days during my high school days coz it was like at 4pm and school's over at 3. i like Hope, she still looks good after so many years. i never like Sammie. but she looks so much trimmer now as in the current Days of our Lives, not the Singapore version coz it's like 3 or 4 years back. i like the storyline between Jennifer and Jack. yeah, most of the actors and actresses are gorgeous looking. i find Peter Blake to be sooo hot. he is the one who was crazy over Jennifer. i think that he is with Baywatch Hawaii. i used to like All My Children and will watch the Young and the Restless when i am home.


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                Originally posted by lilupig
                I had my dose of it while I was studying overseas too. It got really bizarre when 1 of the characters was possessed by demons Or was that The Bold & Beautiful? I could never differenciate the 2.

                i think that the one who was possessed by demons is Marlena from Days. i don't remember any demons in B&B.


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                  Omg..I used to watch this every single night for 4 years but it's really looong soap & it gets kind of draggy, so I stopped watching it. I still do catch a few episodes one in a while though. :wave:


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                    Good to see some fans of soap operas here

                    I only like Days of our Lives....probably because it's the only soap that I watched on a regular basis.

                    Like most of you, I think Sammie is very irritating......and so are Kirsten and Stefano. There's a dimwit character called Susan, who looks very much like Kirsten (only much less glamourous), not sure if you girls can recall. She irritates the hell out of me too.

                    Other than that, I love to follow the storyline although it's dragging and repetitious. I like the theme music too..."Like sands through the are the days of our lives..." hehehehe....


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                      ahh..yes..i remember days of our lives..first came to know of it when i was in sec 1..13 yrs now gg 20 and it's still showing.. it doesn't end does it? haha
                      my fave characters used to be carrie and austin..but seeing how their marriage is wrecked now.. i changed my mind. haha
                      pretty amazing how everybody's changed.. john, hope etc..
                      if there's a day when the last episode's gg to be shown, pls pm me.. haha..if the day comes tt is..


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                        Started watched 4 years ago and never looked back. :p However these days what with cable and all, I'm so spoilt for choice that it's hard to remember to switch to Ch 5 at 2 a.m. Especially I'm I'm so hooked on E! (ch 80).

                        I'm still confused, is Hope really Princess Gina?
                        Who the heck is Greta?

                        After all this time and I'm still interested...sigh.


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                          "like sand in the hourglass... so are the days of our lives..."

                          ahaha used to watch days of our lives in high school and then when i came back in Sg it was on @ 2am just before bedtime. as hall didn't have scv, it was on my must-watch list. haven't in awhile though.

                          oh and the bold and the beautiful was introduced to me by my mum! it's got really bizarre storylines (as do most soapies): forgot her name, but there's this lady who like marries the old man, divorces him for his son, divorces this one for his brother. oh gosh! she's certainly been around. oh and taylor is beautiful!!!

                          zhen qing: it's heart-warming to watch & very action-packed (every week one character will have something happen to him/her), therefore a lil less draggy as compared to american soapies???

                          not to forget aussie soapies! used to watch them over dinner - neighbours, home & away...


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                            Originally posted by fennielyn
                            I'm still confused, is Hope really Princess Gina?
                            Who the heck is Greta?

                            After all this time and I'm still interested...sigh.
                            from what little i've caught - yea Hope is really Princess Gina cos she was abducted by Stefano and disguised as a Princess... :huh:

                            greta is the swamp girl right. don't know much 'bout her except that maybe the evil stefano has something to do with her...


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                              So Hope was brainwashed by Stefano, he's like the one villain responsible for all the chaos in the show, without this psycho doubt the folks of Salem will have much to talk about.

                              And I think that Greta is supposedly supposed to be John's daughter too? Then who's the mother? Geez, all these twists.