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Splurge you regretted most?

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  • Splurge you regretted most?

    As above.

    For me, it was Follie Follie jewelry. I spent around $300+ on a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Within 1-2 months, the clasp of the bracelet broke. The SA at the store said they don't have repair services, recommended me to a jewelry store in Lucky Plaza to repair the clasp, at my own cost.

    Took it there, they repaired it. The clasp broke again after a couple of weeks. I decided to forget about the bracelet totally. Left it in the original pouch & box. It tarnished very badly, with green stuff appearing, after a few months. Same story with the earrings. Tarnished even without wearing them.

    Total waste of money. :roll: And I never ever step into the store again.

    Perlini's Silver has better customer service and much cheaper too.

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    hmm... i guess it has to be some jewellery from Six, bought a whole lot of stuff ... haven't worn them and they turned yellowish within 1-2 months in my jewellery box... and I bought quite a lot :roll:
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      Bought sleeping robe and babydoll from la perla.. cost me $649!! Don't know what's wrong with me.. still keep inside my drawer.. without wearing it.. not even once!!


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        1. Louis Vuitton red epi leather tote bag, it costs $700+ many years ago, I only used it twice

        2. I bought two pairs of Prada sports shoes, total cost $850 which I hardly wear too.


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          A $800++ camel coudroy Fendi bag! Till now I have no idea why in the world I chose that out of the many beautiful designs I saw in the boutique. I started disliking it just days after buying it and this has never happened with any of the designer bags I bought before. Anyway, its definitely a mistake and I just kept it in my wardrobe for 2yr + before I gave it away.


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            years ago, I tailored a classic cheongsum with one of the (allegedly) best shanghainese tailors in town. I imagined it would look like something out of In the Mood for Love. Instead, it ended up looking like a waitress uniform and the tailor cut it so that there is a pouch of extra fabric at the tummy area so it makes me look super fat. I wanted to cry when I tried it on... It cost me many hundreds of dollars and has been sitting untouched in a corner of my wardrobe since. Sigh.


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              i bought a small prada backpack with gold metal chain straps at $600+ many years back. i had used it for like twice during special occasions and suddenly saw lots of similar limitations around, carried by "market-going look" aunties and lians. so i decided not to use it again, eversince then it had been sitting in my cupboard, guess the metal buckle and chain had tarnished. it's a waste, if i had known then i would had bought a bag of other brand.


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                Originally posted by cloud9
                1. Louis Vuitton red epi leather tote bag, it costs $700+ many years ago, I only used it twice

                2. I bought two pairs of Prada sports shoes, total cost $850 which I hardly wear too.
                Too much small nonsense to list.

                Me also 2 pairs of Prada nappa leather shoes. Just because I was obsessed w/ their metal clasp & their red markings on the back of their soles.


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                  y don't u gals post it on some auction wbsites to sell them off then?

                  maybe other will like it n buy them then!

                  as for me, a lot of ex shoes that it's very uncomfy to wear or no longer in style now...


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                    ferragamo court shoes :roll: ok that's during my office days

                    the one with no ribbon, i still have it

                    the one with the leather ribbon bit? threw it away

                    no. of times worn?

                    no ribbon pair - once

                    the pair i threw away? - not more than 10 times


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                      Here also, i find that more trendy to wear some style of shoes then all the Ferra will be cold storaged. Poor shoes, think they will never see light, at least not b4 i move out of my current place.

                      Sometimes its the more expensive shoes that are giving us the problem. Like KennethCole, Via Spiga, Enzo, end up we no choice but to keep aside.
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                        Sell them off cheap, Ant!

                        And I thought I was the only one who has buyer's regret with branded stuff. Threw $400 or $600 on a Polo equestrian bag once. Loved that it's leather but it's so hard and bulky - and heavy! What a fool I was.


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                          I am too lazy to sell. So i am against my own $$$. Mad rite?

                          I don't spend much on makeup items. I stopped buying assorted of fashion bags and sandals (lucky all btw 10 to 30bucks), as usually carry/wear for 2 occasions, they will be my mum's. I managed to stop myself from getting a tweed bag, although cheap but all adds up to a big sum if we lose control.

                          LV Epi bags are my headache now. Red & brown. YUCKS!!
                          & also bags same design in 2 sizes. If not, shoes in same design but different colours.

                          Heee... We MUST learn from our mistakes. Everyday is a new day, let's a better (smarter) tomorrow.
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                            tons of stuff!

                            1. designer bags which i've overused to justify its price tag. only now, it's ratty and torn.

                            2. lots of shoes which are ill-fitting and have given me blisters.

                            3. clothes which i buy on the whim and are still sitting in their paper bags waiting to be worn.


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                              Pairs of sports shoes/sneakers. Now they all suffering from detached/disintegrated soles in their barely open-up boxes. Very wasted.

                              Must donate the rest of usable/barely utilised items to Charity Box now. Xmas coming.... Share Share Share.