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  • Business courses (dip/deg/postgrad)

    Hi People,

    I am pondering about the choice of business degree courses to take up. Can any experienced campaigner or degree holder give his or her 2 cts view? By the way, I am referring to part-time degrees offered by local organisations.

    Currently, I have two such schools in mind with preferred courses

    MDIS- Bachelor in Computing with Mgmt & Bachelor of Business(General) by University of Bradford

    PSB Academy- Bachelor in Business Studies by Loughborough University

    Please give your 2 cents views!!!....Thanks

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    Master Degree

    Anyone knows and could contribute?

    i'm thinking of trying out one.

    heard NTU-Biz has the best Master in Biz in Singapore. I know Melb Uni in AUst in not bad. Chicago, Stanford, Oxford...not bad as well.

    and there is a working experience of at least 2 years and recommendation by head of department apart from good degree results.

    How do u guys work ur way up? Do share!

    ok i want MBA in Applied Finance.

    i guess this thread can also be used by other cotters who want other Masters...say in engineering or i'll leave it as just master degree.
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      which school is more reputable? in the sense, will there be a market for the degree.

      just judging on the info above, i would say a business degree is better than computing & general business.
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        Going by reputation (and hearsay), I'd say PSB. I work there now and they are very well-organised.
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          Hey Helethea!

          You can try SMU. I think they offer Master of Science in Applied Finance.

          Hope this helps!


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            yes i got their information. i'm studying in smu now...hehe

            if its ever possible...i'm thinking of going overseas....hmmm...


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              Anyone took MBA in NUS Business School?


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                I strongly recommend PSB as well. I regretted it big time that I didn't chose PSB as I was concerned with Loroughborough. It's one of the top unis in the UK but pretty low-profile. I went for another brand name uni and am paying the price now.

                PSB has got really good lecturers and the pacing of the modules are pretty good. You get the time-table one year in advance so it's easier for you to plan your schedule.

                Plus, the course consultants and coordinators are really on the ball. They process every request or need promptly.
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                  Thanks for the feedback...Care to share which institution u are at now?


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                    Executive MBA

                    Is anyone in the Executive MBA program at Chicago GSB? Would love to get input on the course.


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                      Thank you, happybean


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                        How abt course offered by the Open U (UK) in SIM? I read from papers this school will be Singapore's fourth university for part time studies.. definately will be recognised..
                        and they have a range of courses to choose from.. I'm taking a Marketing Degree... after my poly exemption, only need to take 2 years to complete the degree programme..
                        Hope this helps


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                          Im facing a similar dilemma as Zico.

                          Which is more recognized??

                          PSB's Bachelor of Sci in Business Studies (Loughborough University)


                          SIM's Bachelor of sci in Business Administration (RMIT)


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                            Originally posted by Zico
                            Thanks for the feedback...Care to share which institution u are at now?
                            I'm at TMC now, doing Monash. Lecturers suck, the coordinators are lousy too. The old batch of coordinators left and the new batch are really horrible.

                            Worse is the Australian lecturers suck too! You email them and ask about something, they either take forever to reply you or no replies at all. T

                            They screwed up my exams, not once but three times! One term, they gave me the wrong dates for the exams! I end up having to retake the papers through no fault of my own.

                            2nd and 3rd time, in different terms, they had errors in the exam papers! During the exams, we highlighted to the invigilators and they said Monash said the papers were alright. A few days later, Monash said sorry! they discovered the error!!! I've no idea how they graded the papers.

                            And plus I do believe that they're very nationalist.
                            They've this thinking that Australia should rule the world! Many of my classmates think so too, from the comments and markings they gave Sporean students.

                            Yes even though they're 8 hours flight time away, and even though I've never met them before, they still managed to piss us off.

                            So I really wouldn't recommend TMC or Monash in any other private schools.


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                              I'm sure both SIM and PSB are fine. Loughborough University is very highly rated. RMIT has a really screwed-up admin (see the Studying in Melbourne thread).