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Outdoor solemnisation / wedding

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  • Outdoor solemnisation / wedding

    Has any1 done/ planning for outdoor solemnisation?

    besides the indoor/outdoor to take note ( in case of rain), any other advice/ experience to share?

    I'm still lookg around for an appropriate venue, but not the more expensive ones that has a few thousands on rental alone chiimjes, etc.

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    Help.. Wedding

    Im planning to hold my wedding next year. Gone are the days whereby 30-50 tables are held. My hubby and i have targeted only 25 tables MAX! We spoke to his parents and we were emotionally defeated. his mum pulled a long face when she knew her relatives list was reduced to a min. His dad teared as he feared he may not live to see his next children wedding (thats why he wants to have it bigger and grander). My parents were just too nonchalant abt it. No comments, nothing.. just ok ok ok.

    we want it outdoor and the old folks feared the absence of airconditioned rooms. The fact is, we are the only ones paying for it. Can someone enlightened me on how we can proceed with a romantic wedding without applying for bankruptcy?

    To all married couples out there, pls pls provide us with your much needed advice...


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      i think the most important thing is for you and your hubs to be to agree on what you want and put up a united front to your families. but at the same time try to compromise on things that are less important to you but that the folks will appreciate.

      when we got married, we each dealt with our own family's issues
      coz we didn't want any arguments with the in-laws. we wanted a relaxed get together with friends but we knew it would make the folks happy to have a sit down chinese meal, so we decided to have a 8 course chinese sit down luncheon at the four seasons for parents' friends and relatives only, and a more fun party for ourselves at night at the bird park. And even then, we allocated 30 tables for family friends ALONE and they still thought that wasn't enough, so we had to put our foot (feet!) down. Anyway, we told them that was all Four Seasons could accomodate and we had put down the deposit already

      And if one set of parents needs fewer tables, then maybe you could allocate more to one side than the other, with their permission. Just be sensitive coz even the most modern parents somehow become really old fashioned when things like "face" come into the picture.

      If you're doing an outdoor wedding, do keep in mind that there might be some costs that you did not account for - setting up tentage, a spare wet-weather location, umbrellas or buggies for older people who can't walk to the venue, power generators, lighting etc, depending on the kind of venue. and the stress of hoping that it won't rain on the all important day.

      Good luck and remember to have fun! :wish:


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        Gee thanks for ur advice! Im not a to-die-for DIL and i dun aspire to be one. afterall, they r not my parents. So, I will only attempt to accomodate (though limited). Im so impressed with gals who get along with the in-laws. Somehow, i jus cant bring myself to do it.

        I reckon the idea of holding an outdoor wedding is simply too much of a hassel. Its no wonder why most people settled for a ballroom. In any case, I have shortlisted Raffles hotel and Fullerton. Can anyone guide me on the Mkt rate for angbao? I need to plan for losses.

        Last but nt least, i fear for the day where my inlaws will be asked to stay with us... i really do.


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          Well, if you're still keen on an outdoor wedding, a location like Rasa Shangrila will provide a ballroom free in the event of rain and will deal with all the logistics of setting up, and I think it should still be cheaper than Raffles / Fullerton, tho you may not get as much in ang pao.

          I'm really lucky coz my in-laws are really sweet people and very easy to get along with. Maybe you could try to make some simple gestures - buy his dad his favourite cake, buy a card for his mom on her birthday - it might make a big difference. After all, you are family now and its just much more pleasant to all get along.

          Does your SO know how you feel about his folks moving in? Its an issue that should be discussed before marriage, i think.


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            thanks. will consider outdoors again.

            sigh.. my hubby knows that im not keen to stay with my inlaws. they are actually nice people. im the one that sucks. anyway, i just feel that they need to feel pampered where my parents have never made that kind of demands on me. eg. i need to visit my inlaws min twice a mth, bring them out for dinner, go shopping whereas i see my own parents like 3-4mths once and they come to visit me. FIL grumbles a fair bit. likes to eat at expensive plc for hygiene reasons. he also make comments on food that we eat.. saying this causes cancer, that causes cancer. MIL has expensive taste. anyway, she only felt better the day we spoke on minimizing relatives list by shopping for a damn expensive Gucci bag ('000s) sigh.... u are so lucky to have inlaws that do not impose on your lifestyle or am i just to fussy?


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              first of all, congrats!

              my cousin just had her outdoor garden wedding done at Burkill Hall at the Botanic gardens. it was very romantic and gorgeous. i love the setting and the serenity of the place. you can set up a marquee and have the dinner indoors if it were to rain but we were blessed with good weather that day.

              check out this link for more info.

              they'll put up fans for you so it won't be so hot. there's a charge for each fan though and it can be slightly noisy. not sure if the fans are included in the rental charge. i only remember my cousin saying that she thought the fans were charged at $6 per unit when the coordinator said something it being $25 per unit.

              i guess the most important thing is that you're happy with your wedding. no point going for the traditional wedding dinner at a hotel ballroom just to please your in laws. your wedding is all about you and your hub. very hard to please everyone. i do hope everything will turn out fine for you.

              alternatively, have you thought about doing 2 dinners? maybe the traditional one for relatives and a casual outdoorsy one for friends. SO and i are thinking about doing that so we won't have to cramp anyone's style.

              oh yes, one last thing. we would also like to invite you to do an intro at NewBabes. it's a forum for new cotters to tell us something about themselves. perhaps you would like to drop by for a min or so and tell us more about yourself. see you there.


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                Hi michannat , thanks for your reply. For your cousin wedding dinner reception, do u knw how much was the total cost? Did the guests complain abt transport, mosquitoes, etc etc? food was served buffet or sit down Chinese banquet style? Burkill hall is on my venue list. Im also considering to hold it at the old Parliament house.


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                  i typed a lengthly reply but it got lost this i sum up.

                  Ask them for help financially - if they are willing they can have more tables. Marriage esp the dinner feast is more in honor of our parents in this day & age. If you can go from the other angle & amke them understand that you want to give them more tables but are financially unable to - they will understand. GIve them that option to pay for more tables if they want to invite more people. Dont decide on your own & force them to buy your idea - it will create alot of heartaches.

                  Have your fun garden party or what ever the way you like it with just your friends separately to realise your dream of your dream wedding feast. But the traditional one dont invite these friends already - this more for the relatives.

                  Dont create the problem that will last forever. a marriage is a happy beginning - dont make it a start to a nightmare of financial problems & family unhappiness. Making them understand is a better approach. GIve them that option of helping out financially as they might just want to be part of it. YOu never know they might just decide to be generous & give you more money instead. INsisting your own way will only make them unhappy with you.

                  THey might have lots of friends who invited them to their children's weddings & so just want to reciprocate. Its the old people's kind of stuff they do -so leave it to them. If they cannot afford then its their choice. - dont make it your detriment by deciding for them. I know its abit of playing the devil but - it will get things done - they will understand & will not be angry with you either.


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                    i don't know what was the cost of her wedding. will ask her soon. i'm quite sure she didn't lose out at all coz most of us gave her quite alot. i heard a rumour that it was about $60 per head though.

                    it wasn't a traditional sit down dinner. it was actually buffet style. and because of that, the dinner went by very fast. by the time she did her 2nd change, most of the guests had already finished their dinner.

                    i don't think anyone complained about transport. even if they did, i wasn't aware of it. as for mosquitoes, i for one, complained quite a bit coz i was wearing a short dress and within half of hour upon arriving, i was already bitten all over. perhaps this is something which you might want to highlight to your guests.


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                      Can't help but to feel that u gals really make an effort to make the old people happy. My folks and His are very diff. the latter belongs to old times. the irony sets in when i have to accomodate 'em when i dont even owe them anything in life. my folks r so understanding.. they do not want to impose any idea on me as they feel its my wedding and its only right that i do it the way i want and fully enjoy it. As for $$, they are not rich and they need the funds for medical treatments.

                      btw, i went to botanical garden and realise it was a rather long walk . I've got my grandparents to think of. They dont mind the walking even though they have difficulty. They r doing this all because they want me to be happy.

                      Has anyone been to a real outdoor wedding apart from botanical gdn which turns out to be a real stunner?? Let me know ya!


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                        Hi, everyone

                        I am planning to hold my solemenization outside, but not sure where to hold it.

                        I do not want to spend too much money on ROM, but than also dont want to make myself look stingy.

                        I was thinking of holding it at hotels gardens or country clubs, what do you ladies think about it?


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                          I didnt have a traditional sit-down chinese dinner at all. Because I don't believe in it, my parents are very easy-going and we certainly cannot afford to have it. Initially I only wanted the ROM and thats it but my mum convinced me to at least have a hi-tea standup buffet reception ala the "ang moh" style to inform our closer relatives and friends.

                          Also my in-laws did not mention anything about paying for anything when my mum met them to "talk" about our upcoming wedding. So my parents said they will pay for the reception but keep the ang baos and we'll have it in Singapore for our side. Dh's side are from Msia and Aus.

                          We had it at the Singapore Yacht Club in West Coast, so it wasn't exactly an outdoor-need-marquee setting but it was outdoor enough that there was no air-con, it was at the upper deck near their fine dining restaurant. The food was great for the price we paid and the ambience was suitable for a relaxed, mingle with friends environment. We even brought in our own bottles of (duty-free, but took off the stickers) champagne and just had to pay a minimal corkage charge.

                          If you are or you know any relatives who are members of the club, you can consider holding yours there.


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                            hi, u can try to have the solemisation @the lawn at Raffles Hotel which is a small and cosy place. If not, u can have it on the beach @rasa sentosa. Alternatively, try out the museums or old parliament house, its something different.


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                              Originally posted by junior
                              hi, u can try to have the solemisation @the lawn at Raffles Hotel which is a small and cosy place. If not, u can have it on the beach @rasa sentosa. Alternatively, try out the museums or old parliament house, its something different.
                              junior, i like the idea of having it at hotel, but i'm not sure which is good, well, since u suggest raffles hotel, i will contact them and find out some details.

                              as for sentosa, will be rather inconvenient for elderly, so i **** i have to give up that idea, but having it at old parliament house also sounds great to me, but how should i go about getting the contacts??? Can help??? anyone???