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    hi gals, what's good at holland v besides cafe 211, cha cha cha, pho, crystal jade, crutsacean & fosters?

    wanna try a new restaurants there thsi friday.

    think i'll be going on a eating spree this month! hahaha.....

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    If you go to the quieter side of Holland Village, Original Sin is fab for vegetarian food and Da Paolo for Italian. Must make reservations.

    Wala-wala has nice chicken wings and pizza.

    Spizza is also great for pizza.


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      Breko! great for chilling out wirh your girlies.


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        Yep I recommend Breko as the food prices there are reasonable and the ambience is pretty cozy.

        Pills, If you are wanting to go to Breko especially on friday nights, be sure to go there early to get seats (more so if you are in a big group) as it gets jam packed and full house every friday nights.
        On friday at breko HV branch only, it would be open 24 hours so you can stay there as long as you like! The kitchen would be on 24 hours too so it's also a good idea for supper!

        Used to work at Breko and friday nights was a killer! LOADs of people!



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          Tango has great frozen strawberry magaritas!


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            Originally posted by Glossie
            I think there's also an Italian which is beside or near Fosters. Sorry I forgot the name. A friend told me it's a nice cosy little place. If you take the bus (7) from town, you get down the stairs from the back and it's on your left.
            Is it Amici? Lovely restaurant, excellent service, NO service charge, but they treat u so well u just wanna tip them!


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              Went to Breko today, the spicy wings are good Don't really like the baked potato with broccoli and cheese as I was expecting something more cheesy. The broccoli was just 2 florets, and not cut into smaller pieces. So that was a disappointment.

              The prices are very reasonable though.

              There are a few bakeries/cafes which look like nice places to chill, e.g. Cafe Rosso. Will try it someday.


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                I went to Amici once..the food was really good thats all i could remember The jap restaurant Raku which is just beside Amici is not bad too I heard. but ex i think.


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                  where's this Amici place located exactly?

                  sounds interesting!!


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                    I dont know the exact location but if u just walk down in the middle of HV its after 7/11, Coffeebean, ThaiExpress and after that you turn right into an alley and its there.


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                      there's also subway.. it's usually empty except for 1-2 staff.. great place if u wanna have a peaceful meal.. cheaper too..


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                        Fave restaurants

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                          TCC serves very good coffee AND food as well. Worth a try


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                            Ooh! i love TCC especially their wedges which come with this lovely tasty Cheese dip which is soooo nice i gotta have it once ever 2 weeks!


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                              Well theres 's spizza for friends, its not bad actually!
                              If you like wood baked!