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Wedding dinner - non-chinese cuisine

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  • Wedding dinner - non-chinese cuisine

    Hi girls!

    Am in the midst of doing my wedding research now and I realised that most hotels have only Chinese cuisine for their wedding packages. My boyfriend and I would not want as I'm of mixed parentage and he's non-Chinese. Peferably we'd want a mix of Western and Indian food. So far I've emailed Grand Hyatt Hotel and going to contact Oriental Hotel as these two hotels may have something suited to our needs.

    Would really appreciate if any of you know of any hotels that are flexible in the menu. We haven't worked out our budget yet but definately maximum of $900 per table (taxes included).

    Still very early in planning stages!

    Thanks girls!


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    Hi pinkblush,

    Congrats for your upcoming wedding I remember Shangri-la has both chinese and western set menu, so probably you can ask if they can mix them. Not sure about Indian food though Last time I had buffet wedding dinner with them (not the 8/10-course dinner) and we chose a mix of chinese, japanese, and western food. HTH!


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      hi pretty_panda,

      thanks for your recommedation on Shangri-La. Will email them and check it out. But I think Shangri-La will be on the pricey side yes? May I ask how much your wedding dinner cost per table?


      regards Z


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        I just went for an excellent indian sit down dinner at the fullerton - they flew the chef in from Delhi! Grand Hyatt and Ritz Carlton are also known for having good Indian dinners (tho' I don't think any of these guys are cheap). Most of the hotels will be able to do a good western menu, I think, and its usually cheaper than the chinese option.

        If you're not having a large party, you could consider a restaurant venue, like Senso for instance - the food is often better there than at hotels.

        Actually if you are thinking of Indian, then it might be interesting to rent a nice venue and cater, coz for Indian food, you can get ALOT for $30 - 40 per head.


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          Originally posted by pinkblush
          thanks for your recommedation on Shangri-La. Will email them and check it out. But I think Shangri-La will be on the pricey side yes? May I ask how much your wedding dinner cost per table?
          Unfortunately yes, they are more expensive then some other hotels. My dinner was buffet so it's per person, not per table, and it's $86+++.

          I agree with gajahgirl that most hotels should be able to provide western dishes (and probably some Indian dishes)But they may not put it in their wedding package brochures because chinese dinner is more popular here. No harm asking

          Have you tried Marriott? Their wedding coordinators are nice and quite flexible (based on my friend's experience), and their dinner is not so expensive either.


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            To gajahgirl: I'd love to have my wedding at Fullerton but I think it's really too expensive. So is Ritz Carlton. But I am considering Grand Hyatt. They replied my email promptly so am going to see if I can work something out with them

            But you're right, catering Indian food might be a better and more affordable idea. I have a couple of excellent Indian restaurants in mind. Thanks for the idea!

            To pretty_panda: $86+++ is too much for I think. We haven't got the numbers down but it's at least 200 guests. Will check out Marriott Thanks!


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              hey Rel, sorry its ya photo so i know its u! Evie here btw...haven't seen u for a long time

              u r getting married? wow... try Grand Hyatt... its gd.. my colleague had her wedding there...

              if u really want something different and not too expensive try one of those special wedding packages... at those places of interest....go flip bridal magazines at borders... u will find they have special packages usually at the back pages...sure u'll find something there....

              or u can actually have a garden thingy near ROM...
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                hey Evie! Aren't you getting married too? I remember you sent us an email some time back about getting engaged! As for me, it won't be that soon, but sourcing for all the necessary things early as when work starts again it'll be tough for me to find time.

                Yes I'm going to check out Grand Hyatt today.

                Not too keen on having an outdoor wedding but thanks for the info


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                  went for a western style wedding dinner recently. remembered my friend saying that it didnt cost a lot, they had only 5 courses though. it was at four seasons maybe you would like to check them out?


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                    hey Rel,

                    not getting married yet i need 2 more years to finish my BAE... got engaged last yr xmas eve... so its been already a yr... only close friends & relatives know... so we're sort of planning an engagement party in 2005 to inform other friends and his colleagues. Supposed to be this december but i insisted on 2005 cos i just did braces again (last week)!!! (My teeth shifted after my wisdom tooth came out! It's gonna take about 6 months to a yr)

                    but i do need the 2 yrs to plan and get a place too anyway... a lot more complicated cos gotta convert to Islam and stuff... but its sort of planned that it will be 2006 dec or june 2007... think ur wedding will be earlier .... Congrats!!!!

                    Anyway we sort of decided on RiverViewCopthorne(near zouk) or Raffles(cos u know RI..RJC...then RH???) Fullerton ... depending on how much we have by then.. This is the chinese dinner thingy for friends, colleagues, relatives (my side) & his & my family...
                    But way...before that will be the Muslim reception at the Syariah Court where we sign papers... reception mainly for friends, relatives (more of his side), his & my family...
                    so....I'll sort of be married twice!!!! i dun mind! i get to wear a nice Kebaya gown and also the usual White gown!!!!

                    Anyway, back to topic....Grand Hyatt is really good for the food and its worth every cent u pay... never never go for Marriot... my colleague had his wedding there and i wasn't impress by the setting and the food... Another nice place is Sentosa...but really ex... gotta get transport to bring everyone over!!!


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                      If you have your wedding dinner at a sentosa hotel, the hotel will provide complimentary passes for people driving to come in free. Those not driving will have free transfers from the "mainland" to the hotel, so as far as i know, there's no need to arrange seperate transport.


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                        Congras on your wedding!

                        How about having a international buffet? My Future Husband and his immediate family are vegetarian, and we thought the best way to accomodate to every guest's diet is by having an international buffet. Anyway, my future husband has a BIG sweet tooth, so the desserts from the dessert spread is enough to make him happy.

                        I am currently looking at the Four Seasons Hotel's international buffet spread for lunch. Let me know if you need it and I can email you