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  • Question on online-shopping

    Does the Singaporean government allow its citizens to do online-shopping/custom-purchase for skincare products and cosmetics which are not available locally? By this, I mean products which are not registered with the drug authority in your country.

    I'm wondering about this... because the Msian government has become stricter this year. *sigh*. I can't do custom-purchasing anymore.

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    What measures did your government put in place to *deter* such? This is new to me. I used to order from many years ago. Ordered St John's Worts through an American but I placed the order and shipment and everything on my own computer. I didn't face any problems.


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      hi glossie.

      thanks for responding to this thread. i was just ranting.

      for some reason they decided to bring back a law enforcement on drugs and cosmetics. so any malaysian who wants to purchase foreign skincare/cosmetic products must do so with an import license. failure to comply with this is a breach of law. one officer told me it's not easy to obtain an import license. unless maybe if i want to set up a company or have proof that i need those 'drugs'. i'm very disappointed with such restrictions... no more online-shopping at strawberrynet or CPs [as they will definitely inspect those incoming packages].


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        i recently received a letter from the local authorities in Australia.
        they did mentioned that if i am importing for the purpose of business, i have to pay for an import

        if it is personal consumption, i do not have to pay for it.

        i guess with online shopping, there is always a way to work around it.
        you can request to mark it as a gift.

        as far as i remember, there are also restrictions when US companies send out certain substances
        i could be wrong though


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          Oh that's such a damper, eh?

          Viv, if the article's marked as a gift, it's still subject to inspection, right? I reckon if we're not talking about a plane-load of packages, it shouldn't rouse any suspicion from the authorities, eh? :huh:


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            yeah Glossie, definately it will be still subjected to an inspection
            but then u cant really stop pple from sending you "pressies"?

            just a thought, what is the consequences of getting such packages when it is purely a gift?


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                There shouldn't be a problem if your item is declared as 'Gift' or something. The seller has to declare that when shipping items though. Sg customs are very particular about liquids and shipments worth above S$400 (they'll detain your stuff and make you pay GST if it's worth above $400). I have been buying my cosmetics and skincare from online without much problem except that one time. ^