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baby's full month celebration?

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  • baby's full month celebration?


    hubby and i initially decided against a celebration as we didn't want too much hassle and guests (like relatives we have never met before). now i am having second thoughts..

    Did u hve a party for your darling?

    some friends had quite fun ones like goody bags for other kids and balloons and games etc but i **** i wont be doing that coz bb is still too young

    alternatively i might just buy bengawan solo cake vouchers for friends....coz my house can't accomodate so many friends and relatives and i don't want to rent the void deck below my flat which my friend did but guests did not manage to see the baby coz bb was at home sleeping!


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    Hi Fresia,

    Having man yue celebration for baby is very individual choice cos I have friends who did not have it but instead gave out cakes to relatives only, not friends.

    As for myself, I think I will do the full month celebration thingy cos the relatives and friends want to come to see the baby and it is a good time for me to chat with them.. me very chatty.. Plus the gifts and ang bo that coming in..haha

    Only ordering the buffet lunch and they can come in anytime they like for that entire day. No extra stuff like goody bags - too much trouble... I want to enjoy that day too!


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      MIL constantly harped to my mum that I should be sent to see a doctor for medication... just cause my temper was exceptionally nasty due to sleep deprivation. I was, in her opinion, mentally unstable. And I thought she was suddenly angelic in not insisting on a big affair, now I find out the reason why!

      We still had angbao-visitors (small groups, therefore many sessions, but the relatives all managed to carry the baby... just have to ear in-ear out with regards to advice) , and we mailed Bengawan vouchers. On the day itself, only immediate family members went to restaurant, blew several hundred $ on... Buddha Jump Over the Wall.


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        My friend just catered a big buffet party at her place for like 100+ friends, colleagues and relatives, to celebrate her baby's first month. My pals and I didn't know what the gift-giving protocol was, having given gifts at the baby's birth already. So we bought more gifts, only to be told by the new mum that we shouldn't have, since we'd already given something. And we also discovered that the proper first month gift, traditionally at least, should've been an angpow, as opposed to a toy or clothing.

        But it was a fun dinner anyway.


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          Hi Mel,

          i like the part about MIL thinking you need some help...i wish she would think that about me and give in to my requests for going out to preserve my sanity! still under confinement and i think this is the thing that drives new moms crazy!

          initially MIL said we should organize a celebration on a small scale- meaning relatives and not too many friends and of course a celebration is necessary....but hubby and i told her we did not want to....then she changed her tune and said yes, of course no celebration is better, no need to waste money etc...cost a lot to cater and its a hassle etc...dont be so stupid to waste money!

          i think she just wants to get on my nerves..


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            Abit off topic but I just want to share what I have got from a manager for her baby's full month, Instead of giving cakes, she gave us a chocolate bar in nice wrapper with the baby and parents names on it . And my other colleagues got the box with the baby postcard and a bar of chocolate. It's so cool, mummy to be, must check it out But then I would only give it to close friends who would treasure it.


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              Baby's First Month Celebration

              Hullo Mommies,

              Help!! First time parents being pressured by hubby's grandparents to have a BIG DO for baby's first month celebration. Grandparents want a huge celebration because it's their first GREAT Grandson.

              Thought we could get away with a cozy home thingey and just get a good caterer. After some negotiations, we talked the old folks out of a stuffy restaurant celebration but they insist that the least we could do is to have a lunch celebration at a hotel function room.

              Can you gals share what you did for your baby's first month celebration (if any)? Where? How much did you spend? Approx how many people did you invite? Would be especially useful if someone could share what you did at a hotel and cost involved.


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                camelot I had similar problem as you! I can empathize with you..dont think i'm of any help to you coz we manage to get away with the celebration thingy but just want to share..My inlaws had wanted a big celebration (with all the relatives) at some restuarant for our baby's full month (which is coming in a week's time). The irony is our baby is not their first grandchild and they were the ones who didnt want any celebration for their first grandchild's full month So I thought I could just get away with sending cakes to relatives. Before I know it, my mil actually went ahead and planned the big celebration. She even set the date and the restuarant for it. She only told us after she did everything. I felt like her. The restuarant she chosen would have easily set us back by at least $300 per table. She thinks that my hub and i earn more so we could have easily afford it. Finally we stood firm and told her that we only had budget for the cakes. We simply refuse to call any relatives and make any commitment to the celebration she had planned. I dont quite care if she feels offended or put me into her most hatred list. I'm not going to spend our hard earn money (which we could have spend on our baby instead) on some fanciful celebration just so that they can put shine on their faces.So finally she got the obvious hint and dropped the celebration idea.

                Maybe you could cite reasons like baby too young not advisable to go out for so long wait kena some germs or whatever virus and new place + so many people wait baby kena frightened (I'm sure they know..old people are really into baby too young cannot go out, too many people will frighten the baby) plus if baby is at home it's better for baby, more convenient if baby poo/pee/hungry/ least it's home ground so easier to handle. Can also tell them next time when baby is 1 year old den can have a big big celebration. By then baby big already immune system better and able to take social demands better too. One of the reasons we got away with the full month celebration was we kinda "promise" them that we'll do a "big" celebration when our baby is 1 year old.

                Hope I'm of some help to you....


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                  Thanks for sharing Aronna!

                  After getting quotes from hotels and various clubs...hubby and I have decided on a simple lunch for relatives and very close friends only. Our families are pretty big so 80 pax inclusive of our closest friends is just about the minimum number that we can squeeze. Hubby's uncle got a pretty good deal from The Pines for us...costs about $18 nett per pax for a buffet lunch with a function room thrown in so I guess this will be our little compromise instead of the big celebration at a restaurant/hotel. Anyway, Grandfather seems to be pleased with this arrangement as The Pines is quite a nice place and we still have privacy in a function room.

                  Now, our other headache is - do we have to give the traditional cakes/eggs/kueh thing to relatives and close friends even if we have invited them for this lunch? Or do we only need to give the cakes to the other people whom we were unable to invite for lunch but gave us gifts and red packets?


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                    Baby full month celebration

                    Hi mummies,
                    Can anyone recommend any afforable and nice BB full month cake bakery or caterer?? Big hard time searching for one...
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                      there is a cheaper alternative to One Joy. Try

                      Ordered from them. Their service is very good.


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                        I've just received 1 from Prima Deli 2 weeks ago.


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                          Try neogarden. their food is nice esp the curry.
                          They have discount for bb 1st moth celebration. think is 10%


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                            forget to add the website: