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    I'm planning to invest in a good electric toothbrush, and was wondering if anybody has any recommendations?


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    braun? thought it's the "best" brand around. reliable.

    i have been using braun oral b.

    by the way, do take not of the brushes. some doesn't seem very comfortable or doesn't seem to be able to clean as well like watson's brand one.


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      I am using Braun oral B's 3d electric toothbrush. I think it was the most expensive of the lot but it looks like it cleans really really well!

      The battery life lasts for about a week plus. I think its best for it to fully drain out the battery and then charge it again to prevent it from spoiling too fast. Maybe I have a weird logic


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        I use Sonicare - not available in Singapore though. I think sonic toothbrushes are the way of the future. It's very gentle on the teeth and gums and remove more plaque than most conventional electric toothbrushes. You can get it in HK and China for around $200. Ebay is much cheaper but you need a credit card, and they are US models so you need a transformer as well. I got mine in the US before I discovered Ebay and had to buy a transformer to use it. Takes >10 hours to charge every 2 weeks or so and there's a beeper that tells you when batteries are low. I just charge weekly. It makes sure you brush for 2 min, which is the recommended time. Beeps every 30s to remind you to switch "quarters" so each portion gets the same cleaning time.

        Used to have a Braun ages ago and found that the rotary mechanism just damaged my gums. I used to have braces as well, and don't like to be too rough on them. Might have improved in design. The waterpik that comes in a set with some of the Braun models are better than flossing - cuts the gum less, so that might be something to look into.

        It's not recommended that you use electric toothbrushes day and night due to the risk of gum recession. I suggest that if you want to do it use it at night and stick to a manual toothbrush during the day. Sometimes I brush up to 4 times a day and there's just no way I can tolerate all the abrasion. Gum recession requires surgery to treat, so it pays to be careful when using the appliance correctly. Dentists don't even tell you that. Always good to do your homework before deciding on something.

        ETA: Just realised you were in the UK - you might be able to get the Sonicare. Check it out instore and see the shape of the toothbrushes - you gotta pick one that's right for your body.


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          my bat life last longer than that! more than 2 weeks! i brush once a day, at nite only. 'coz i use the manual one for day time. i find that the manual one can reach the area between the gum n teeth better as the electric one will be moving too fast n it'll hurt! ouch!


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            Braun rechargeable type- I used to buy the more expensive types (flex, vibrates to very high levels) but I realise electric toothbrushes simply die on me after 1-1.5yr so not much point. Now I go for basic, electric chargeable, Braun.


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              i have both Braun and Sonicare, can't decide which is better.

              Braun gives a cleaner finish (teeth feels smoother) and is easier to keep clean. It is harder on the gums and noiser. The new model tells you if you are using too much pressure, but i find that it takes ALOT Of pressure to activate the signal.

              Sonicare is quieter and more gentle. I find it very difficult to keep clean. I unscrew the brushhead and clean the insides weekly but dirt builts up quickly and it is harder to dry.

              Recently, i read a research article regarding electronic toothbrushes. The author prefers braun types as they use rotational movements to clean wheares sonicare uses vibrational movements. i spoke with several dentists and all agree that using an electronic toothbrush improves dental health but each had their own favorite brand.

              sonicare is manufactured by philips. a friend mentioned just last week that the philips electronic toothbrushes available in spore have the same functions as sonicare. perhaps it is just marketed under a different brand?
              i bought my sonicare from the states.

              both brands have lasted my family for a long time - about 3++ years. for myself, i change more frequently for the newer upgraded models and also cos the pricing not that bad.

              ps aphrael, you look wonderful in your pic!


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                My avatar? Nah, that's not me ... if only I were that pretty ... sigh.

                Yeah, Sonicare is made by Phillips. I get annoyed by the dirt buildup too (I stuff tissue paper in it and twirl it around then pick it out using tweezers - usually brush the outside with an old manual toothbrush) and the replacement brushheads are darn expensive. But I bought tons off ebay and I hope the actual motor lasts till I finish the brushheads. Had mine over 1.5 years now, and been through 5 brushheads so far. 7 more to go before I'll finish it so it's 3+ years as well assuming it holds up. Then I'll get a new one as well. Mine is the Sonicare Advance which is being gradually phased out anyways.

                The Braun really hurt my gums ... you're supposed to be able to brush your gums as well and Sonicare is the only one I can do it with.

                I'll go check out Phillips instore later at Tangs - I don't remember seeing a sonic toothbrush.

                Update: I only saw one Phillips at Tangs - didn't seem like a vibrational one and there's no mention of the word "sonic". It was cheap enough at $89 though.
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                  Buy the $20 one from watson. It's braun. Lasts very long, on AA batteries. I previously owned a rechargeable (Phillips) one and that was not as good as this braun one. So go for braun, and no need to spend so much


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                    grin.. may i ask who the lady on your avatar is?

                    i bought the same Sonicare Advance and it is still working, so no worries. I just received the newer model and is quite cool - putting it aside for now. The box was HUGE though, bigger than cereal boxes - marketing!!! a friend brought it back from the States.. just in case you think i'm toothbrush crazy.

                    thanks for your tip on how to clean. i use a tooth brush for the outside, then soak the inside with water but the built-up is so fast =) Glad im not the only one with the same complaint. just tried your tweezer tips, works well =)

                    the bruan was painful on my gums initially (first 2 days). in fact, there was slight bleeding. however, it feels okie now. Will test it for another 3 months and see if my gums are worse or better during the dental check =)
                    my latest crazy idea is... 1 week sonicare, 1 week braun. i use a manual brush in the mornings too.

                    i asked about the philips again - friend said he saw it a philips both in harvey normans. it may be cheaper to buy from overseas though..


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                      I found her off some Chinese website that depicted anime-like pictures, from ancient Chinese stories to some funky space-age chick like this one. She's kinda my style though, so I picked her. I made hundreds of avatars but left them all in Australia. Should've burnt it onto CD-ROM. Must remember when I go back next year.

                      You do sound like a toothbrush junkie! I am so tempted to get a new Sonicare ... the new models always tempt me so but mine hasn't conked out yet. It better not before I finish all the brushheads!

                      BTW, you don't happen to be an expert on waterpiks as well, do you? I'm tempted to get another one. My mother got the travel set from the original waterpik a couple years ago, but I think it's a very badly designed piece especially for the price - apart from the fact it suits our electricity supply it's not a very elegant appliance. I saw some others on ebay and and am so tempted to get the hydrofloss oral irrigator. Just sounds funky with the magnetic technology.
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                        Thank you so much for all your recommendations, gals

                        I'm still trying to decide which model to get, though I have decided that I'll probably end up buying a Sonicare one. However, seeing that they are so expensive, I have decided to put it on my Christmas wish list!


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                          I'm using the Braun one by Oral B which has a 1 minute reminder. It's recommended by my dentist friend. Got it at around $30+ from Tangs. Does a great job in cleaning all corners of my teeth.


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                            i dont believe in electric toothbrush. its just a modern man's gimmick.

                            a normal brush and dental floss are good enough already. i also use a dental mirror & that pointed tip tool that dentists use all the time.


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                              Ah, but the caveman didn't use to brush his teeth

                              Oops, sorry couldn't resist.

                              I'm not one to fall for gimmicks and I do truly feel that the sonic toothbrush gives a much better clean without using too much force. I used to have braces and I don't like repeatedly brushing with a manual toothbrush to get that fresh just-brushed feeling. My Sonicare takes care of that in 2 min. According to some dental study, only brushing > 10 min with a manual toothbrush can be considered a thorough clean. The average person doesn't do that. Dentists also do not recommend flossing as it can cut the gums and generate infection (you can argue that only weak gums have that problem but most people don't floss properly anyways) so waterpiks come highly regarded now. But to each his/her own. Whatever suits.
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