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    I am interested to pursue a degree in the tourism and hospitality area - maybe locally. Heard that school AEC or TMIS provides this degree. Anyone out there in tourism or hotel industries who can advise me?

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    for tourism, it's best to go to shatec. shatec is more recongnise actually but they do not offer tourism degree. thus you may wanna consider taking up a degree from ECU (aussie uni)


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      You can check out the Monday classified section where they will do a special report on advancements in education together with ads featuring different kinds of degree & masters degree courses. My friend flew over to Perth to get her degree in Hospitality Management in ECU. Apparently, throughout her 1.5 years there, she realised they actually allocated a wrong accounting module for her. She failed and have to retake another module, thus stayed for another semester.
      There was a feature in the papers somewhere this month or last month on a new Hospitality institution bringing their campus into Singapore. I have met the dean coincidently when he visited my workplace. I don't think it will be soon for them to launch their degree course so soon but if you can wait, you have another choice to compare.
      My colleague is also finished with his distant study for his degree course in Hospitality Management. I can check out for you where he did it and which institution.

      A word of advice, in the Hospitality & Tourism industry, you have to start from scratch. Doesn't mean that you have a degree or diploma, you can straight get into a supervisory or executive position. Unless you did your internship with this particular company and they want you back or you have a very strong recommendation to go with. All the best.


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        Hi choc and artichoke! Thanks for the advice.

        Artichoke: Could you help me check out with your colleague where he did his studies?

        I intented to go AEC coz they are offering this ECU degree.


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          flyingpig, he did his degree with TMIS, offered by Southern Cross University. There's Edith Cowan Uni as well. So you have choices.


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            Thanks Artichoke!

            Well intended to check out Edith Cowan Uni next week!


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              ASK. recognised in worldwide i think.


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                Hi flying pig, i am also studying hospitality and tourism , and is now on my way to persueing a degree in this field. However i had talks with my course managers about schools offering this course. She told me that ECU is not so good... kind of black listed by TP ... And what i heard from IDP is that university of southern cross offers good degree in hospitality...

                Do consider the other options available


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                  bumping this thread up...

                  was going through southern cross uni programs, it seems like their distance learning is only for those residing in australia. are there any other courses available that i can take it (part/full time) in singapore?


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                    hey does anyone know how much is hospitality undergrad courses r roughly? Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management & Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management sounds interesting


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                      erm. mdis actually has this event mgmt course. its abt 29000.
                      im actually also looking at this course.
                      n so far i tihnk mdis is the cheapest.
                      the rest i saw was like 38000++


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                        Degree in Tourism Courses


                        saw that bach in tourism courses is kinda limited...
                        got MDIS, TMIS, ERB...

                        which is better?
                        any help? (:



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                          I am just wondering what jobs can you do after taking this course?


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                            With a tourism and hospitality u can work in make areas such as hotels, travel agencies, tourists attractions, in the MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) sectors and even customer service related jobs.

                            For more details u can check it out here


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                              You may wish to check out James Cook University. They offer BBus and can major in hospitality management.