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    i have some contacts for post natal massage so i thot i wil just post them up...have not tried any myself so will not give my opionion yet...maybe i will update when i finish my course..have not decided who to get tho..

    Aida- 91158304
    madam Zu- 97470607
    Suphia - 96521465

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    Hi Fresia,

    This is a good thread as I am still hunting for a good massage lady. Following is my list to add on to what you have - I have not try yet. Got some contacts from Mel as well.

    Noor- 90048804
    $45/session/2hr massage & binding

    Rohaya- 94506374
    $65/session/7 (acupunture, massage & binding)

    HOuse of Traditional javanese Massage - 184 Bt Timah Road S229854
    Tel: 67335855
    Prenantal - $55/session
    Postnatal - 3-$200, 5-$300, 7-$400

    Adeline - 98588373
    $55/session /10. Oil additional charge

    Mdm Jamilah - 91862917


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      found this website for post natal massage...


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        Hi Acidica

        Wish to know if you have tried any good massage lady after birth? Can I have the contacts? Am still sourcing for one ...

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          has anyone tried any of these ladies? how far ahead should the booking be done? I've heard that its most effective if it starts on the day of delivery, is this true?

          Sorry for all the questions, there's just so much to learn about having a baby (and looking good again after)!!! :eh:


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              hi gajahgirl,
              *** mel said is correct you can book them first...then confirm after your delivery.

              heard the one called madam Zu is booked by zoe tay...??!! not sure

              personal experience.. massage lady came to my house..had to strip off everything except panties and lie on mattress, front on top of mattress. Had two towels to cover my body and she will remove the appropriate part to massage when she needs to. Overall it was more like those spa massage (deep tissue kind) for arms and legs and back rub. turn over to do the front of hands and legs and finally used her hands to push the womb up (five mins only) or less...then came the wrap. It was a long piece of cloth (like those mattress covers, got cartoon characters ones) that was bound so tightly that i could not breathe. she told me to take it off only one or two hours before the next massage! ouch...sometimes i cheated coz i could not stand the itchy feeling and pain at times...imagine sleeping without being able to breathe properly!

              anyhow, i managed to survive my 8 days...try to opt for shorter days if possible coz it really is uncomfortable..


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                Hi mommies...anyone have the contact number of mdm zu? have you tried any good one which you like to recommend?

                TIA :roll:


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                  there are lots of rumours as to which one zoe tay booked. i read somewhere that she has booked the one that i got - Naini.

                  No harm booking early, Naini told me that she has been booked till Jun 05 already. I've yet to try her but a friend recommended her to me.

                  I don't know if it's the norm but when i called to book her, she asked for my current weight, pre-pregnancy weight and height. I'm supposed to call her to let her know my weight at a later stage. She told me that she needs to know how much herbs and length of cloth to prepare.


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                    Hi popcorn,

                    I end up doing my massage session with another Malay lady by the name of Diana - not too bad. Giving her a 8/10. She will even advise you which exercise will be suitable during your confinement period. She also make me feel better during the time (1st 2 weeks) when I had baby blue. I would recommend her and I think she's quite a responsible person IMO. If you want her contact. its 93827749. I have only contacted her after I birthed as not sure then who to ask too.

                    My earlier choice was actually Adeline cos her session includes slimming therapy but need to sign up 10 sessions which I think was too many although I can do 7 and another 3 in following month if I wish...

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                      I started the binding round my tummy in the afternoon for the entire night and only took it off first thing in the morning. Quite uncomfortable but too tired to be bother about it.

                      I did some light postnatal exercise which makes me feel better.


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                        Hi Acidica...Thank you so much for your feedback and recommendations...


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                          hi keiko

                          Do you have Naini's contact nos. can you give me? I tried to call mdm zu but i think she might have changed her mobile no. BTW which one did you book? Your due date coming soon are excited?



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                            hi mummies,

                            those of you did the massage, did it really help in slimming down esp the tummy area? did it make a difference when you start the massages?


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                              Hi Popcorn,

                              I've pmed you Naini's contact. She's the one that i booked.

                              Yes, i'm all excited and a little apprehensive too about baby's arrival!