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Timeshare/Telemarketing scams?

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  • Timeshare/Telemarketing scams?

    hi, have u gals been approach by timeshare people before n attended their seminar?

    my bf has just got a call from this person who claims that it's not timeshare but that he has won a stay on a cruise n is required to go down to orchard delfi to listen to an 1 hour talk!!!

    i feel that it's crap!!

    what do u gals think of it?

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    this is already old marketing gimmick. I've heard stories of people who got cheated of their monies, that was like 10yrs ago thing?? I can't believe there's still people out there falling for this.

    It all boils down to human traits of curiousity and greediness. Remember there's no free lunch in this world.


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      yup, it's all crap!!!

      n the worst thing i when my bf asked them, they said they aren't a timeshare company. then when we went onto the website, it is!!!

      so irritating!! can't the govt do soemthing about them???!!



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        Renown companies actually do give you the free benefits,e.g. 10 day stay at the hotel,etc after listening to the talk...Hmm,i dunnoe abt these companies though.


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          eg? i just find it hard to believe. they offer so many days of free stay to everyone who is willing to go down to listen to their talk.

          their cost of operation must be very very high then! how is that possible?
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            i was approached by a surveyor when i was with my bf once. this was near the Mango at Lido. 'won' some scratch and win thing and was told to collect the prize at the office.

            didn't go cos i smelt scam.
            anyway, here's an email extract i received about this timeshare business....
            Few months ago, I met one of the surveyor too. I took part in the Scratch & Win but Thank God, I did not go their office at Faber House.

            Extracts from a victim...

            Just to share my experience of being CONNED, and for your benefit.

            1) You are approached by a teenager along Orchard Roadand are asked to do a survey. You will be approached especially if you look like foreigners. In the survey, if you indicate that you and your partner are above 25, have combined salary of $5000, and own credit card/s, you will be entitled to a scratch-and-win lucky draw.

            2) For the lucky draw, the top prize is a free 7N accomodation, and other prizes are dining/shopping vouchers from $10-$60 thereabouts. The teenager would jump in joy saying how lucky you are, as he will be able to get commission of up to $150 if you go and collect your prize.

            3) He brings you to his manager, who congratulates you, then asks that you go to a travel exhibition-fair-talk-thingy down Orchard Rd (Faber House near OG, or anywhere else). If you stay for at least 60-80mins, you will get your gifts and the teenager would get his commission.

            4) So off you go, out of pity for the boy and curiosity to check out the fair, esp when you know you'd have travel plans in the coming years, and of course, to get your prizes. You're escorted to the office and wait at the recep.

            5) You will be asked to show your ICs to verify your ages, your details would be taken down. Interestingly, there's a lucky draw. There will be a few sets of 4 digits at the counter, and if your credit card has last 4 digits match, you will win shopping vouchers. This is when you will take out all your credit cards, and they can take the chance to verify that you do have credit cards.

            6) Then, another attractive consultant would take over from the teenager and bring you into another room. Before you step in, you will be asked to switch off your hps, not even to silent modes. You enter quite a big room with many small round tables and chairs. You sit at one with your consultant, who sits you through a survey to see urtravel preferences and spending power so they'd take note and offer you a package you will find affordable and attractive.

            7) They will show you some cut-out pictures and floor plans of suites you will be getting if you purchase their membership package. There won't be concrete black & white info on the profile of their company. There will be a manager who!&d drop by every now and then especially when the consultant has difficulty convincing you. As the consultant and manager
            talk, they will write the info down on paper, explaining to you the supposed savings if you sign up their travel packages.

            8 ) Their packages are at least $10k. They also offer trial membership at $3k or so, with a Phuket trip or other freebies. They would sell the system to you and talk for hours. When you feel that the deal is good and you sign, a bell will ring and everyone there would clap and welcome you into the club. You are then asked to pay. They will even offer great discounts and 0% interest free instalments. You even get a free welcome gift like a dvd player.

            9) (a) You leave thinking you got a good deal, then try to book your holidays. Only to realise that you can't get your holidays booked even if you're 6-8months early. Or your accomodation is only 3 star, not 4/5 star. You want to cancel your membership as you don't really have a chance to use it and do not have that much leave to clear, but they do not allow as you're bound by the contract. They threaten to sue you if you breach the contract. You!&re trapped and go on paying the membership, as well as yearly maintenance fees of a few hundred sing dollars at least. Though they promise to be able to buy the package over from you and sell it, they will be unable to as there!&re too many conned people who wanna sell, but no one who wanna buy.

            (b) You leave having doubts, and surf the net for more information. And realise you're conned by a timeshare company. Luckily, if you terminate within 3 working days, as stipulated by Singaporelaws, you will be refunded. Get ready to be firm as they try to talk you out of a cancellation. Or they try to drag past the 3 days.

            I hope that more people would be forewarned against these scams. This message is prepared to bring more awareness to as many people as poss. With such an awareness, you would not be curious to find out more about their travel talks, neither would you and your loved ones go through losing thousands and tens of thousands paying for nothing but heartache and constant disturbing calls. (They'd keep calling to ask you to upgrade your package, etc.)

            Have attached related websites for those who'd like to find out more, and are looking for avenues for the possibility to get a refund or take legal action. Please refer if you have a few minutes.


            May we enjoy affordable holidays within our own means,
            without headaches and heartaches.

            DO NOT be conned anymore.


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              Originally posted by Pills
              eg? i just find it hard to believe. they offer so many days of free stay to everyone who is willing to go down to listen to their talk.

              their cost of operation must be very very high then! how is that possible?
              Coz my parents and I was holidaying in Phuket once,and we got dragged for this,they stated that every participant will receive a 10 day free stay at the Amanda Hotel,which is this resort place...And which was also the hotel that we were staying in.At the end of the talk,my parents decided not to join,though the timeshare in mind which sheranton hotel(did i spell that correctly ),coz the sheranton is under the same group of company. Anyway,they just gave us the voucher after that.I think if you're talking about private timesharing,it's a big risk to take...

              But if it's like e.g. big and well-known companies such as Mariott,I think it should definitely not be a problemMy family has a timeshare property,and I have to say,it's really fun,like a vacation home


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                o ok, that's gd!

                but i guess ppl's impression of timeshare is so bad now that even a good co. comes along, most will not take it. i won't for sure 'coz i have very bad impression of it already.


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                  i think reputable companies would not try to sell their products by hiring 'surveyors' to do surveys on the street and give out 'scratch-and-win' prizes.

                  usually they would send invitations right?


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                    am disgusted with the way they operate .. steer clear away from these devils!


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                      that's true,vixette...

                      those on the street are rather annoying man...Especially when a group of them hang around the same place


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                        I got stopped by a guy at Orchard Road a few years back. I supposedly won the 7 days hotel stay price and the guy tried to get me to go for the talk. I was with my bestie at that time and the guy even told us to pretend to be a couple coz the prize is meant to be for couples (???) or something like that. Luckily my bestie knew what the guy was really up to so he just told him we were late for our pedicure appointment, which incidently happened to be true.

                        Oh and it actually happened to me again when I was on holiday with my boyfriend in Bali. I just told the guy straight out we're poor students with no income and he left us alone after that. :p


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                          they are bloody annoying! and i've been conned into going for their presentations twice. :Doh: first time coz i was blur. 2nd time was coz they insisted they were not some timeshare scam. full of BS, i say.


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                            I got approached before as well, just outside heerens when I was on my way to the california gym. The teenager insisted that I go and listen to the talk, however I smelt a rat, so I insisted on going for my gym session


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                              Yeah, I heard about the Orchard people!
                              But like *** Caralmelgirl said.. there is no such thing as a free lunch.