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    I want to send birthday gift for my sister in Sydney. Been sending her flowers/chocolates for the past few years and looking for new gift idea. Can anyone recommend reputable or good online shops in Aussie? Thank's!

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    You can try Aussie websites like:

    Adore Beauty for some cosmetic and skincare brands

    dStore for a bit of everything

    Peter Alexander for cute & pretty nightwear

    Supre for cheapy basics altho' i have to warn you that quality may not be fantastic AND sizes vary quite a lot. i've been to the store myself in Perth and i can wear an XS in one but have to wear an M in another.

    Zodee for lingerie and intimates

    FCUK if i remember correctly they do ship nationally


    Magshop ..what about getting her a 1 yr magazine subscription to her fav mag(s)?

    Painted Pony for more skincare brands

    The Body Shop

    Fountain Cosmetics for uhh, yet more cosmetics

    Jurlique .. pretty sure that Jurlique ships nationally

    & that's my list for now, from what i've sourced out after 3 yrs in Perth. hehe... if i can think of anything else i'll add on.. and i'm sure the other girls have their fave aussie websites too!

    oh i forgot to add that almost all the stores will charge shipping, even nationally. (ie within Aust states)


    • #3 - skincare, makeup and accessories - skincare, makeup and haircare products - skincare and makeup products

      I'm sure some other cotters will be able to tell you more - I only buy these things online.

      Painted pony is pretty expensive - it usually works out cheaper if you buy from the US.


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        Wow! Thank's gals! I'll check out the links :late:


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          I have the same problem but for my brother who lives in Melbourne. Other than, most of the etailers suggested so far seem to be more beauty related. Does anyone have any other suggestions? TIA!

          The last few years I've been sending him stuff from , I think he probably knows where his Christmas gift is coming from again this year!



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            ae260, what is your brother into?


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              gadgets & computers which I can't afford! :roll: I've bought him CDs, books, magazine subscriptions, wine (which I hate doing since I know they are overpriced on the internet). Kind of typical guy stuff so I'm always in need of ideas. Any suggestions are welcome!



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                for my brother, i will get him clothes actually.
                nice cologne will do as well for him

                u can check out or for other stuff

                hope u find the right pressie!!!


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                  Thanks! I've bookmarked all the sites, maybe I'll surprise him this Christmas!



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           does tons of computer stuff. May not be the cheapest but they stock almost everything.

                    Other than that also has alot of appliances - you just have to scout around for the best deal.


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                      thanks for the suggestions, they've been a big help!



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                        Just an update ...

                        Finally I bought my sis' gifts at Tesora because the item I wanted to buy was out of stock at dStore. They were prompt on delivery and included the free gift (twin tool keyring) although I forgot to put down the voucher code. Overall experience was