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  • Wedding dinner - Raffles Hotel

    Is there anyone out there who held or attended a wedding banquet at Raffles hotel? I would like to get some feedbacks on the food and service and the guests remarks. Also, any feedbacks on indicative banquet loss is very very welcome. thanks

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    I should think indicative banquet losses would vary a lot depending on how close the couple are to their relatives/friends, and how rich/generous the relatives/friends are.


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      actually i just want to know indicatively how much would a person give a couple who holds banquet at Raffles hotel? like the mkt rate. forget abt relatives, definitely lose money.


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        i attended a wedding dinner at RH a few months back.

        food was surprisingly BAD.
        my sharksfin soup had zero visible sharksfin at all and was overly salty. actually most of the dishes were v salty.

        service was so so, nothing outstanding, but nothing particularly bad either.


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          i've been to 3 wedding dinners (all chinese sit down) at raffles hotel in the last 2 years. Everytime the food was bad. Way too salty, too cold, and yah, no sharksfin in the sharksfin soup. One wedding couple complained royally and got a discount in apology.

          Service was ok, not particularly good or bad. The other thing I remember is that the tables seemed to be placed really close together which gave a congested feel.


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            Gosh, this is bad! Didnt knw that the food is so horrible. i mean seriously, when u hold a wedding, are guests comments abt food that impt?? I like it there becos its cosy and am opting for the LAwn as reception ground. Thanks people. I am going to feedback to Raffles Hotel


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              well, the way I feel is that if I'm paying so much money to throw a party, and my guests are going to have to shell out ang pow money to attend, then the least I could do is to make the evening an enjoyable one and the food as good as possible. I'd like my guests to associate my wedding with good things, not bad food, so it is important to me.

              Raffles was one of the venues in my initial shortlist (4 years ago) but I found them inflexible and expensive for what I was being offered. They might have changed since then or perhaps I got a particularly unhelpful banquet manager, but their service didn't impress me.


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                have been there recently and have to agree that the food is really bad!


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                  Yes, totally agree with what the others mentioned. Food is terrible. :puke: I paid some much about S$100 per person, totally S$200 to the couple when I attended the dinner last year. I would have expected nice food and good service from Raffles Hotel. However, I was so disappointed when i ate the dishes. :roll: Service is average... the waitress is not gentle enough when collecting plate & serving the dishes. If there is 100 mark in score, i can only give 50. It is not worth to held any dinner there.... :shout:

                  Seems like the couple is paying the money for the venue rather than food and service. :roll:


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                    there have been many negative feedbacks about raffles hotel where food is concerned. which hotel or restaurant serves the same standard as raffles (in your opinion)? and also, which hotel offers the best food? Shangrila??


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                      If you are thinking of having a 30 tables wedding banquet in RH, its not recommended. Thats because The Ballroom (so called biggest function room in RH) will be too cramp for 30 tables. 20 odds will be nice. I guess the best part will be the drinks because they are served directly from the temp bar instead of normal hotels which pour the drinks into jar and served from there.

                      As for foods, its just normal. Tong Lee? group is better for the food.

                      actually i just want to know indicatively how much would a person give a couple who holds banquet at Raffles hotel?
                      From what I've gathered from my friends, it doesnt matter where u hold yr banquet. What it matter most is yr r/s with this friend/relatives. Its her choice of helding it at a 6 star hotel and her choice to invite you. If she's not a close friend and invite you, showing up will cost u eg $60 for a so-so meal. If you dont show up, u can even use $60 to buy some cosmetics etc So what to do in such situation?

                      The guests didnt ask for expensive dinners, its the hosts who want it that way. So the host cant expect guests to pack according to the pricing of the banquet table.


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                        Hello, I'm new

                        I've only been to one wedding at RH and that was 2 years ago. It was not a chinese formal dinner, but a more intimate western buffet style for max 10 tables. The food was good, I was surprised too (I know everyone who replied complained about the food) and the whole atmosphere was refreshing and something which I like, cos my own afternoon wedding reception was similar. The bride had time to mingle with everyone and basically it was more of a family gathering feeling rather than a formal traditional chinese dinner.


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                            hi ribbon, who was the manager that spoke to you? I think they are pretty haughty and inflexible too. hey, im going to book with them as well. when's ur wedding day?


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                              My ...

                              Make use of your tasting dinner. At the Four Seasons, they gave us each a menu with a comments sections where we could write down what we thought of the food, and the chef came out to meet us at the end to discuss what changes we wanted. Be specific about your comments and bring along people whose taste you trust. You can still change dishes at this stage if you don't like what you try.

                              remember that alot of the food is prepared beforehand. think about what kind of dishes would stand up to some waiting time and which dishes need to be served immediately. (you might want to replace those...)

                              You can tell them that you've had reports that their food is salty, and remind them how important this occasion is to you

                              ask if there will be another dinner of about the same size as yours taking place soon, and pop in to have a look at how the room looks when it is set up so you can make adjustments for your dinner accordingly

                              Ask them what proportion of their banquet wait staff are full time and part time, and ask for more full time staff, and how many staff you will be allocated for the dinner. If you have any celebrity or VIP coming, be thick skinned and tell them so that they will pull out the stops for you.

                              Give detailed instructions about how you want your guests to be served. e.g. i can't stand places when the waiters mix different kinds of wine in the same glass and always try to fill it to the brim. Most of the wine goes wasted and you pay for alot more than was consumed. Are you offering hard liquor? Make sure the wait staff know it, so they don't have to check if the guest will be billed.

                              Don't worry too much. With some supervision, I'm sure they'll do fine.