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    I know it's a bit out of the topic here. I'm interested in setting up a store selling pdts for babies and kids. Among all the shopping centres in S'pore, which location do you think is the best for such kinda business?

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    location w/ lotsa offices so the ladies can flee to yr shops from Mon to Fri & u can take a break on Sun as well as shorter hours? If not, at least a good mix of commercial offices & retailers?


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      Don't think office areas are the best. You want to cater to the crowd and bank on the % of people who are likely to buy. Busy working mothers will want to shop when they're not working, either weekends or at night, so no luck on shorter hours, especially not on Sundays. A lunch hour crowd will be best where there are food courts and other amenities - people have to eat during lunch and still get back to work on time. The majority of people who buy stuff won't be the lunch hour crowd unless it's something really quick like a necessity - in the daytime there will be stay-at-home-moms who do grocery shopping as well when it's less crowded, and the after-work crowd including working mothers and moms who need hubbies to take them after work due to transportation problems. You don't buy prams during lunch hours and take the MRT with a toddler and baby in a sling.

      For baby/kid products you will need a bigger area for comfortable browsing, and easy parking. Unless you have tons of money to burn, the city will be too expensive. A small store like those 300+ sq feet boutiques will cost about 10K a month. As for where, you have to do your homework. That's what market surveys are for, and this is not what the forum is about.

      I think it's best to get the mods to move your thread to CozySchool/Career. It's a bit out of place here.


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        thank u very much 4 yr help, very ashamshed to say that only after u mentioned, I realized there's one section called CozySchool/Career.

        Roughly, I have an idea now. anyway, it wont' be in a shopping centre. I think a neighbourhood store which is near supermarket, playground and foodcourts sounds better for a new business with budget constraint.

        Any idea where I shall post a thread to find agent or information regarding renting such a place?


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          don't u think it's a sunset industry?

          just my 2 cents worh.


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            hi luvyrselfish, i have done some research in the past for a school project in poly and it is really a feasible idea.. if only i have the capital..

            you might want to consider those neighbour shophouses because if you realised that there is no shops that really sells this kind of stuff... or if you really have the capital can try to rent a space in those neighbourhood shopping snetre like Jurong Point or Causeway point.. however, you will face competition from brands like Kiddypalace...

            this is just some information that i have found while doing the research..

            hope it helps...