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  • Customized M&Ms

    stumbled upon this...

    (click on image)

    such a neat idea! imagine receiving a box of M&M's candies that has your name & SO's name... or some special customized message printed on it you can even customize the chocolate candies' colours (21 pretty shades to choose from)..... so cute.

    unfortunately, this service is only available in the usa right now... and you'd have to order some minimum quantity to customize.

    but still think it's a very cool idea..
    hopefully some local chocolates/ candy manufacturer will consider this sometime...

    - crazygirl
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    my gosh! it's so cool!
    i think it'll be rather sweet if some "secret admirer" or something, gives it to you for valentine's day.
    or it could even form a huge long sentence!
    i hope it comes to singapore!! *crosses fingers*


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      That's cute! If someone gave it to me, I might not bear to eat it! But I know I will give in to temptation eventually! lol.


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        Ooohhh.....I love this! Really fab idea. But like what Davis said, can't bear to eat it but yet will (eventually).


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          This is so cool! Can we use Vpost?!


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            I have vPost in mind too But wonder if they'll melt on the way here. This is quoted from their website:
            Storing & Shipping Hints
            Storing these perfectly fresh M&M'S? to enjoy later? Don't refrigerate; store them at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Shipping them on to someone else? Again, don't refrigerate them. Simply refreeze the included gel packs and place them back into the box, outside the bubble wrap-not in direct contact with product. Ship quickly (maximum 2-day shipping.)


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              gosh, there are really cute!!


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                They would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift!!


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                  I'm thinking they'd make wonderful wedding favours!!


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                    they're so nice! wish can lay my hands on them and give them as a x'mas gift! :claps:

                    would want to make the whole pack into a letter to SO!


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                      wow.. are they expensive?


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                        Hi to all **** out there...I'm new to his forum and happen to see this thread...

                        Would really be a nice and sweet gift for my bf (his fav chocolate being M&Ms) for his upcoming birthday on 23 Dec.

                        But too international shipping.

                        Anyone has any idea on how to get hold of the customised M&Ms?????


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                          hi violetdew,

                          i see you're new to this forum, would like to invite you to pop over to CozyBabes and give us a short intro to yourself.

                          also, do read up on the CozyBulletin for more info and some rules about this forum.

                          enjoy your stay here!


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                            There's a min no. of packets to order too ..


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                              I don't mind getting a few packets...but problem is how to get those M&Ms... :Doh: