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Employment terms in media agencies

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  • Employment terms in media agencies

    Hi all,

    I've a question to ask.

    For those who work in media agencies, I'd like to know if this is a common practice?

    A friend received her letter of appointment where one of the clauses state "the employee is not allowed to seek employment with the company's clients for at least a year after completion of project. likewise, the clients are aware that they are unable to seek employment from the company's staff as well. By doing so will be considered a breach of contract"

    Is this normal?

    And are these terms enforceable? Because I know of people quitting their current agency to join competitors' etc.

    Advice appreciated! Thanks!

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    yes. it is normal. Mine has a 6 months clause. It depends on whether the company wants to take action should you join the competitors.
    However, it is arugable since it is may be invalid if it is affecting your livehood.