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    Does anyone has huge crush on Hollywood actors when you are younger? I used to be crazy over Ethan Hawke when he starred in 'Reality Bites' ten years ago. I'm so crazy over him that I even created a website for him.

    Nowadays, I still like Ethan Hawke(despite his negative publicity) and Josh Harnett. Josh is so cute & cool in 'Pearl Harbour' & 'The Virgin Suicide'!

    Who is your Hollywood's dream guy?

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    gimme Johnny Depp anytime. He has the most mesmerising eyes ever. I will melt in his eyes. Great actor too. He left me the deepest impression being Edward Scissorhand. Other great works include Sleepy Hollor, Chocolat and Pirates of the Carribbean. He got a nice dress sense too.

    I don't admit i'm crazy over anyone or collect any of their album or cds etc. I'm still a very saint person. I'm too old for idolising. LoL! But i do like Johnny's cool look.


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      Josh Hartnett is my kind of guy. I like his small eyes & his seemingly quiet ways.

      Brad Pitt is so laidback - I find that sexy.

      Can't think of anyone else right now.

      Never been super crazy about celebrities but I'll probably melt into a pool of awe-struckness if I was ever presented with a hollywood hunk.


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        Ditto on Josh Hartnett and Johnny Depp.


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          Hmmm now where do I start? lol...

          Besides Johnny Depp, here are some other cuties I like...

          George Eads
          <img src="">

          Josh Duhamel
          <img src="">

          Joaquin Phoenix
          <img src="">

          Kevin Bacon
          <img src="">

          Owen Wilson
          <img src="">


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            Hugh Jackman *drools*

            I so love him after this movie :-


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              i love COLIN FARRELL!!!

              not into the bad boy look but he's just so sexy!

              and give me Hugh Jackman anytime! he's the epitomi of Manliness.


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                Like you, I Ethan Hawke. He has this rebel streak in him and he's so HOT in Great Expectations.


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                  Originally posted by momopeach
                  Owen Wilson
                  ooh I totally adored him on Shanghai Noon! He looks darn good in those cowboy wear!
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                    Right now Shnaghai Noon, Shanghai Knights and Win a Date with Josh Hamilton are my most-watched movies at home. hehehehhe
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                      HUGH JACKMAN!!!!!!!!



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                        me like mature stars.... so not worth mentioning.

                        younger & below 35 dun appeal to me. ??!!


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                          Gimme Brad Pitt anytime!! He's so cute!!! I love the way he smile

                          Wes Bentley!!! He got such intense eyes

                          Jude Law! Love him in Talented Mr. Ripley

                          Josh Hartnett


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                            he can't act for @#$%&*, but my dream guy is Keanu Reeves....


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                              Originally posted by psyence
                              Jude Law! Love him in Talented Mr. Ripley
                              I much prefer Matt Damon. I didn't catch any of the Borne movies but I thought he's even though I love his nerdiness in Good Will Hunting.

                              Eric Bana Move aside, Jackman :shout:

                              Gotta love Davis for putting up Bacon's picture He's tonnes sexier than Pitt!