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'scuse me, are you a model? (Modelling/Talent agencies)

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  • 'scuse me, are you a model? (Modelling/Talent agencies)

    hi all
    as above..just curious anyone a model here? or a photography model ? how did u girls land up with these jobs? :wave:

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    not one. but guess you can just sign up at any model/talent agency and let them get gigs for you.


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      just make sure u sign up with more reputable ones coz some are just out to scam your $$$

      they "talent scout" u or put ads in newspapers..... then ask u pay moneys or fees for head shots...

      i know of a guy who operates a biz out of this.


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        Go talk to the reputable agencies. I'm out of the loop, but places like Diva, Elite, even Carrie are good. Problem is they have pretty high standards and prefer caucasian/pan-asian models. so local girls are usually at a disadvantage with them. plus, the market is so saturated here that competition is pretty stiff.

        Whatever you do, do not sign up with those 'talent scouts' along Orchard Road. In fact when you're 'talent scouted', always make sure you check up on the company first. Too many girls get conned into forking out ridiculous sums of money for classes, portfolios, and then never get a job afterwards. Find a company with an established track record. And be wary of those sleazy agencies that hire out their models as roadshow promoters (those dressed in the tiny shorts and bikini tops) or beergirls.


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          For an easyt start, you can email them ncies your clear headshots (without makeup), front, back and profile of your body in swimwear. (they need to see your body proportion in swimwear!)


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              i used to work for Mannequin the modelling agency. basically they don't entertain walk in interviews. I was there for a year plus and there were a few walk in. The booker did do the interview routine but basically it is just a "procedure".

              The handle lots of top models and they get a lot of girls flying in from Australia, Brazil and even Japan.

              So unless u are really really good they will emply you.

              There are some local agencies that are kind of ok like Jeffery Chung etc. Maybe can try it out?


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                model agencies

                yups, the model agencies are the more professional and real models. Maybe a talent agency can be a better start!


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                  anyone heard of i models intl? is it good? i'm still undecided on whether to go for the photoshoot...


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                    i models, is the one with the owner I know. are they still at tanjong pagar. the guy's name is i**n and he is kind of a creep. is those fit looking gym kind, has a gf and tried to hit on my friend who was working for him


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                      ya that's him! they're now located at singapore shopping centre.. so should i or not? $388 means alot to me! later i end up w/o getting any assignments...


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                        my friend used to work as sales/scouter for him, i used to do free lance make up for him.

                        er, they will show u files showing u models who get work from them

                        there is some M1 ad or something like that. well, the girl did go for a photoshoot with them before and then got a M1 ad from somewhere else. but they will tell potential "models" the girl got the assignments from them.

                        If u got scouted on the road by them, that guy gives his scouters a minimum number of telephone numbers to be obtained each day, which is about 20 or 30 i think.

                        this agency really does not have assignments. 95% of it's revenue comes from the potential "models" who do the portfolio shoot thing.

                        if your real aim is to be a model, i would u advise to skip this and skip the agencies that advertise in the straits times and new paper for models coz most are these kind of "scams"


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                          i always have the perception of Jeffrey Chung giving its girls sleazy assignments, wear the lesser the better!!!


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                            Haha i dont think Jeffrey Chung models are even good looking. They're just average looking asians with big boobs.


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                              haha.. think so too.. saw some pics from his 2005 calender and the girls in there looked rather sleazy..