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    hi all..i been having this sour taste on the enamel (spelling) on my teeth for a few years but the dentist told me there is nothing wrong..

    i dont know if my teeth is sensitive but sometimes if i use toothpaste like darlie my teeth feels very stripped off..thus now i use oral b for sensitive teeth..

    i am wondering could it be the side effects of bulimic which happened to me sometime ago but thankfully i have quitted..

    or eating of sour plums often and drinking cider vinegar?

    anybody knows? i have once bleached my teeth using those mould and gel from dentist but that was like 5 years ago..

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    is there any way to prevent receding gums? how often do u use the mould whitening stuff?


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      bulimia would erode your teeth coz of the acidity from your vomitus. get it checked out. i would go with happybean on this. consult another dentist so you'll be more at peace.


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        I've got sensitive teeth!!

        When I eat/drink cold stuff they sort of hurt.
        I'm thinking of switching toothpaste brand to Sensodyne.


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          how about sometimes i feel a slight tingling sensation near the gums on my front teeth? does it mean i got sensitive teeth or receding gums?


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            Tingling? When does it occur? Before/during/after eating cold/hot/normal temp food?


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              on and off sometimes..when i am not eating food..

              does anyone here taste a bit of sourish on the inside of their teeth?

              i think i must be the only one..'thanks' to bulimia..luckily i got over it..
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                I experience tingling when I eat/drink cold stuff.
                Totally hate that feeling..eww..

                Other than while eating/drinking cold stuff, I don't experience any tingling.


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                  hi all i was just back from another dentist for a 2nd opinion, now i *** the reason to my tingling sensation in my gums.

                  i have gingivitis (dont know how u spell it). my gums are swollen (he did point to me and i saw it), caused by plaque. thus i need to undergo treatment with injections. $80 for a quadrant but my case quite bad so it maybe be the whole mouth..sighz $$ again

                  i dont understand,i been visiting the dentist quite think the previous one didnt take note of it!! i suspect cause they are quite young..

                  anyway who has experienced this before?


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                    I see! Is it the only way to solve the problem?
                    It's quite costly IMO...


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                      yes that is the only way. the previous dentist i went to suspect i had cracked tooth in 1 of my molar tooth. recommend me do root canal $500 and crowning $400. but she refer me to a specialist (same branch). i think the specialist couldnt detect anything thus he said wait till there is pain then u do.

                      today, this dentist pointed to me of my gums. now.......i very confused...but i think the previous dentist not so her 30s that why never notice my one is old bird.. another clinic though..

                      come to think of it, the slight pain in my molar tooth when biting could be due to this gum thingy too! maybe not a cracked tooth after all..repairing cracked tooth is more ex..


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                        I have sensitive teeth when I come to eat many very sweet stuffs like chocolates & sweet. I heard from my friend that it can be cured if I used meant for sensitive gum toothpaste. But till now, still very lazy to buy


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                          Hmm... sounds like you don't have to repair your tooth after all.. maybe just need to do something about the gums.

                          So when are you going to do it?


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                            the earliest appt is about 2 weeks later...


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                              I guess it's good to solve it ASAP

                              good luck with that