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Christmas '04

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  • Christmas '04

    Any party-goers out there? Please give your 2 cts worth of places/pubs/clubs/hotel/ go for xmas parties???


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    Suntec xmas rave?


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      i'll be working.

      to everyone else, enjoy your xmas.


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        I'll be at home. Too old to brave the crowds so no rec from me.

        Pssts .. shouldn't the title heading be Christmas '04 ?


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          oopsie. yah.....been reading about NYE 05 and ole fuzzy brain got confused.....


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            Lonely christmas for me. Nowhere to go. Will be at home watching TV shows/VCDs.
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              where you go on christmas eve

              hi, today is christmas eve, would like to know where will you be tonight?


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                Gonna be a busy evening today. Cant wait

                Will be picking up roast turkey and log cake from Marina Mandarin at about 5pm. Ordered wrongly though. Wanted to place order at Meritius Mandarin after hearing some recs here BUT blur me placed order with Marina Mandarin instead :Doh: But ***, hope the turkey and log cake will turn out nice.

                Then, will deliver them to Serangoon, a relative's house for Xmas party. Will be leaving kiddos there with pil. Hb and i will head down to Holland Village for our dinner. Wanted to go elsewhere but everywhere is fully booked! Scary. After dinner, again, back to Marina for movie- Kung Fu Hustle (not my choice, wanted to watch something else but too bad)

                There goes my Christmas Eve. Another year where all my good friends are not with me.. Really miss them most during this year of the time. Used to have a hellava time with them during sec school.

                Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone and have a good time tonight with your loved ones, be it SO, friends or family. Ho ho ho


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                  going shopping later and meeting my gfs later

                  then at nite, stay at home for dinner and then go to my friends' place for countdown!


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                    Gonna be with some of my relatives, mom and SO for christmas. having a xmas party with usual Xmas dinner fare!

                    Btw, to all cotters here!


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                      accompanying my mum shopping. walking around orchard later. dinner at wisma indochine later.


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                        nothing much, just the usual X'mas Eve dinner with my family and meeting the SO later after his own family dinner.

                        hoping to meet my girlfriend tomorrow to give her the present and on Boxing Day, SO is bringing me shopping!


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                          dinner with friends & ktv session countdown later in the night. might be shuffling clubs and get smashed?

                          MERRY KISSMASS EVERYONE


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                            With a young baby in tow and my post-preg figure, no parties for us too. But this will be a very special xmas for us cause this is our first xmas with my precious baby girl. Hubby will prepare steamboat dinner, and we'll prob be watching love actually VCD(darn, no dvd) again (we watched last year and loved it) at home and we might wanna bring our baby to orchard to see the xmas lights, she loves lights.

                            Merry Xmas everyone! Have fun with your loved ones.


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                              I'll be working!
                              But heading over to my friend's place later on in the night with drinks and food, I hope it'll be fun!

                              Merry X'mas everyone!!!
                              Loads of candycane hugs!