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  • Potluck ideas?

    My friends and I were thinking of celebrating Christmas together by holding a potluck dinner. However I have no experience with potlucks and I'm a terrible cook!

    Any suggestions for food that is easy to prepare, reasonably priced, tasty, and will not cause any of my friends to suffer from food poisoning?

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    Get some ice cream, a bottle of choc sauce, strawberry puree, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, crushed nuts and mini marshmallows and set up a DIY ice cream sundae station. No cooking involved!


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      What about spagetti? Should be easy to cook and I believe supermarkets has ready-made spagetti sauce.

      Maybe egg/tuna sandwich? Simple and no cooking required.


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        ohh my friends and i cook together/have potlucks all the time in perth. some suggestions:

        get some plain round crackers - i like mine with a touch of herbs. slather cream cheese on top, add: rolled smoked salmon/avocado/smoked oysters or mussels (comes in canned form), strips of cheese (type of cheese up to you but cheddar's quite common) .. tadaa! i've done this a few times and it's always been gobbled up fast.

        salad - walnuts, lettuce, diced apples, plump raisins, kidney beans, sweet corn, anything else you might like, low-fat mayo. also yummy!

        oven-baked chicken wings. just marinate with a foolproof recipe you can find off the net, bbq in oven for 45mins or more. remember to turn over!

        baked pasta - boil pasta of your choice (i usually go for penne), add sliced mushrooms, crabsticks, chicken strips, cauliflower or broccoli florets, sweet corn, whatever else you like (you might want to blanche the harder ingredients first), mix in a creamy sauce (you can find the instant powdered packets for "baked pasta" easily), sprinkle mozarella cheese on top, bake in oven. cheesily good!can add sweet chilli sauce in the pasta too for a spicier effect.

        buy dessert

        get a tub of ice cream, buy all sorts of candy bars, dried fruits, nuts, etc. chop them up into bits, let the ice cream tub melt for a while, mix everything in, then re freeze. voila! instant twist to normal boring "chocolate" ice cream.

        plus there's plenty more! have fun!


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          Mashed potatoes! Just boil the potatoes and mashed them with a fork or masher. Add butter & milk. Salt & black pepper optional.


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            pasta salad!!!

            try looking through the CozyGourmet threads. there are quite a few recipe ideas in there too.

            Pasta Suggestions


            Pasta recipes

            BBQ recipes



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              heh if you're horribly lazy like me, you could buy a huge, great cake/tart/pudding for dessert!

              Or maybe you could set up a fondue station? Strawberries, raspberries, kiwi slices, apple cubes, banana wedges, pear slices and other fruits, with crushed nuts, and ice-cream cubes (haagen dazs style). Yummy!!!!!!!!!


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                wow! thanks for all the wonderful suggestions.

                i'm tempted to try out all of the potluck dishes that are recommended, but i can only do so much by myself. will probably do a make-your-own-kebabs station, and get my friends to prepare the rest of the yummy dishes you gals have mentioned.


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                  -sandwiches (small ones)
                  -taco with salsa sauce (yum!)
                  -mushroom soup

                  how about make your own popiah?


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                    Potato Salad!

                    Just boil the potato, cut them into bite-size cubes. Throw in mayonnaise, spring onions and corse black pepper and toss! VOILA! Delicious potato salad to tempt everyone!


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                      how abt something local? make a huge pot of red/green bean soup or agar-agar (jelly). Almond jelly is good dessert idea too.

                      Or go to Tiong Bahru market to buy the make-on-the-spot fishballs, kids would definitely love this. Adults too cos it's so easy to eat.


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                        maybe you can make canapes? It's ****** easy! Just need some baguettes...slice them into thin slices....mix up some egg mayonaise...spread them onto the bread and garnish with a prawn on top! I did that yesterday and my friends loveed it


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                          i had 2 sessions of potluck with my friends and i cooked fried beehoon and fried rice, which was pretty easy to cook, carry and dispose of!


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                            Make a fruit salad. Easy and clean. Dump all the fruits you want (cut into cubes) and my secret lies in the dressing. Use Kraft mayonaise + coleslaw + a dash of lemon. The ratio is 1: 2 .. so far, everyone who has tried loves this fruit salad ..


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                              Sausages! You can cut them into slices and use toothpicks to poke through them... can even add on some pineapple slices or crabstick slices in between! =) Just had potluck yesterday teehee.

                              Or you can buy those supermarket roasted chicken! My friend brought it and it was delicious!

                              Alternatively, bring fruits! Another friend brought watermelon and it was very, very popular. Yummy. Great thing to eat at the end of a meal!