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The problem lies with men? Why we cannot be friends.

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  • The problem lies with men? Why we cannot be friends.

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    HI Pam, thanks for the video. LOL. I have seen this, its quite cute.

    but no offence. "Problem with men" sounds a little offensive like "Problem with women".
    Just something interesting to share (to open minds).
    I always like to tell my friends (both women & men), that there are 7,000,000,000 people in this world.
    Assuming you try to know everyone in 15secs, it can take you 5 years to reach all people in Singapore. 25 years for Malaysia, 1349 years for China, etc. That shows the large number of people we really had in this world.

    Back to your topic.
    Personally in my humble opinion. I do have quite a number of female friends. Those from the start I know are just PURE friends.

    Some dating website often says that some men make the mistakes of "hiding under the radar" when they try to chase a girl.
    This I have to admit is the man's fault. The poor girl would hope that the guy "remain" as friends, or am "worried" that the friendship is over if the new relationship doesn't work out, this I can understand.

    That is why for the guys who are reading this, if you like a girl, let it be known early from the beginning (through obvious hints) that you want more than friendship BUT you are willing to patiently wait.

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