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Exopising a Mediacorp Actress

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  • Exopising a Mediacorp Actress

    This Person is C*** K

    Acting as Jeanette Aw Fan or Rui En Fan

    Calling Priscelia Chan Old hag
    Calling Ann Kok Old Cow

    insult Ann Kok Old Cow eat young grass
    insult Jeanette Aw Old Cow eat young grass

    Say all those who are 30 are old Jeanette Aw,Fann Wong,Ann Kok,Paige Chua,Rui En,Vivian,Xiang Yun, Zoe Tay, Andrea De Cruz,Priscelia

    Say Tong Bing Yu & Jeanette Aw Look Weird

    Say Zhou Ying Ugly

    Say Jeanette Aw Look like dog

    Purposely Compare Jesseca Liu & Ann Kok

    Insulting Fiona Xie say only perverts will be attracted to her

    Even insulting Paige Chua as well ..

    Insulting Fann Wong that she look like ghost

    So People Dont Get Fooled !!! She is Not Anyone Fan's

    She has never praise anyone pretty before .. look what type of woman she is !!!

    C**** look at yourself first

    Those She Slam
    Fann Wong,Xiang Yun,Andrea De Cruz,Ann Kok,Jeanette Aw,Felicia Chin,Fiona Xie,Paige Chua,Priscelia Chan, .Zhou Ying, Tong Bing Yu ,Dawn Yeoh,Michelle Chong ,Ivy lee, Rui En,Jacelyn Tay ,Joanne Peh, Rui En,Chen Li Ping,Yvonne Lim , Jesseca Liu,Cai Peixuan, Belinda Lee ,Vivian Lai etc

    If you are friend she might be jealous of you ..

    you insult who ever i am going expose you again
    Cozy Rookie
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    She very idiotic

    She try to discord

    Fans together .

    She did even act as tong bing yu fan slam tiffany leong

    and slam zoe tay ! the idiotic true is C****

    C***** K** Not happy shut your big mouth up ..

    Just f**** off dont insult other actress .


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      I am Qihui this is my another account

      that time someone say c***** k** have freckless

      jeanette aw's fan get aggitated . you can tell she is trying to make people hate jeanette aw isnt it obvious

      the person is doing it is C*** K**