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Do I have broad or high cheekbones?

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  • Do I have broad or high cheekbones?

    wanted to know what u guys think about my cheekbones, do they look high or broad?

    I feel like my cheekbones are kinda broad to the sides, they flare out, and makes my face looks wide .. they dont look prominent under the eyes like johnny depps for example, but rather on the sides like an asian person, probably due to my amerindian ancestry

    reason im asking this question here is because it seems there are many asians here, and asians have prominent cheekbones, also because women know more about these things than men

    what makes my cheekbones different from johnny depps or male models, could it be that i have too much subcutaneous fat and baby fat on my face, thus not having my cheekbones defined like theirs, or maybe their cheekbones are higher and more prominent than mine, i realize they use makeup and effects to enhance them, johnny depps cheekbones in interviews dont look as defined as in his photos

    my pics

    for the longest time i was even considering cheeks implants but maybe mine are already are prominent and i just need to lose fat/get older?
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    Definitely you have broad cheekbones and would benefit a lot from a cheekbone reduction. I have a similar problem, but your cheekbones are even bigger than mine. Can you give me an email to contact you? I'm gonna get a cheekbone reduction this year and since you have the same issue I would like to share my experiences with you.


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      I tried sending you a private message but it says you don't allow that so I'll give you my email here: [email protected].