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Turkey! gobble gobble gobble.....

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  • Turkey! gobble gobble gobble.....

    hey, feel like buying one for xmas. by the way, what's the taste of turkey??? is it healthy? which place is the best???

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    turkey is supposedly very healthy... low in fat. However it's really easy to overcook and dry out, ends up very tough and stringy. :puke:

    I never liked turkey until I tried home made roast turkey, it's amazingly juicy and yummy! Overcooking really makes it inedible. Can't wait for Christmas eve dinner... my cousin always does a fantastic job with Christmas turkey



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      hmm correct me if i'm wrong but i think that you need to pre-order the turkey asap in order to collect it on xmas eve. my family's roasting our own huge turkey this year, but i know Cold Storage and probably the other supermarkets have turkey packages, amongst other things.


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        You do have to place advanced order if you are getting it from somewhere else. I never had good turkeys from hotels before as they are always too dry.

        The best turkey I had was made by my cousin-in-law. Very moist and tender, and he taught me how to make it. It's actually very easy, but time-consuming.

        I think turkey tastes a bit similar to chicken? White meat is always healthier than dark meat


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          so which place to buy from? cos i've nvr eaten tuckey b4, wonder what's the taste is like. is it similar to chicken?


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            SO just placed an order on a turkey from The Vines Restaurant. will be my first time tasting a turkey too. hahah..


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              Originally posted by silvercloud
              The best turkey I had was made by my cousin-in-law. Very moist and tender, and he taught me how to make it. It's actually very easy, but time-consuming.

              Oh! Silvercloud! Care to share how?

              I am entrusted with the responsibilty of making a delicious turkey this weekend by my friends. My friend's mom has taught me the marinating stuff but just wondering if there's any secret to making a moist and tender turkey


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                it's not easy to roast a turkey, consider all the preparation work and the cooking time. better to buy


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                  i've had to make christmas turkey for my husband's family for the past couple of years, and have discovered a couple of secrets that really make a huge difference:

                  1. roast the turkey breast DOWN and only turn up breast up for the last half hour. this is to let the fat in the back of the turkey seep through the turkey so that the entire turkey comes out succulent and juicy. Now MIL uses this method to cook any bird, including chicken!

                  2. i follow nigella lawson's recommendation for roasting time and temperatures - my MIL kept telling me that it was much too short and that the turkey wouldn't cook, but the short cooking time prevents the bird from drying out and is long enough to cook it:

                  "Preheat the oven to 200C and keep it at this temperature for the first 30 minutes. Then turn it down to 180C.

                  For the following weights of turkey you need to cook it for these times. Remember when stuffing the bird to weigh the stuffings before adding them to the turkey as you'll need to count them in the total cooking time.
                  Weight Time
                  2.25kg 1 1/2 hours
                  4.5 kg 2 hours
                  6.75 kg 2 3/4 hours
                  9kg 3 1/2 hours
                  11.5kg 4 1/2 hours"

                  3. In addition to seasoning the surface of the turkey, I add seasoning (butter + herbs) between the skin and meat. This allows the good stuff to permeate the meat and makes the skin lovely and crispy.

                  4. Finally, i don't stuff the turkey, but make the stuffing seperately. I just add some aromatics (onion, garlic, celery, sprig of herbs) into the cavity for fragrance. this reduces cooking time and keeps the bird moist.

                  Good luck, and happy cooking. Hope these tips help...


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                    any other cooking method besides roasting???


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                      I've seen some recipes online for fried turkey but I think you need a special fryer that can accomodate the entire bird. I also remember seeing an alarming news clip some years back about how a family burnt down their entire house while attempting to fry their Thanksgiving turkey



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                        gajahgirl, those are good detailed tips! Really appreciate it

                        Will post up pictures of my turkey be it flop or success

                        pps-> That's the fun of Christmas! We don't usually do turkey and it's the effort that's what makes the turkey special Just my 0.02 cents worth


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                          Ahhh.. just placed my roast turkey order with Marina Mandarin hotel, collecting it on X'mas eve

                          Hope it'll be tender and juicy! Cant wait

                          Now.. where shall i go to order my log cake.. Hmmmmm.. :huh:


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                            raebelasian : what gajahgirl suggested is similar to what I did.

                            1. Place the turkey on foil tray. I didn't turn the turkey chest down, and it works fine too.

                            2. Rub the whole slab of salted butter (250gm) (& herbs if you like) all over the turkey, including the cavity and under the skin. I know it sounds so oily, but it makes it more tender and flavorful.

                            3. Peel a whole onion and put it into the cavity of the turkey, can add stuffing too if you like.

                            4. Cover the turkey with the aluminium foil and bake in oven.

                            5. Baste the turkey every 20 mins. This the the most IMPORTANT step. Regular basting helps to keep the turkey moist and juicy.

                            6. The last 20-30 mins, remove the foil so that the turkey will turn a nice crispy brown.

                            Cooking time will depend on the size of the turkey, and I can't remember what temperature I used for the turkey.

                            Hope this helps

                            It took me from 730am to around noon for my turkey to cook the last time. Remember to thaw the turkey beforehand. I think it takes around 1-2 days to thaw. Thaw in a pail.


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                              silvercloud, those are very helpful tips!

                              Friend's mom mentioned something about having to marinate the turkey for 3 days. I have yet to find my turkey yet. Went Cold Storage Parkway today but all I can find are frozen turkeys that weight over 4 kg. I was told not to get anything that weighs more than that.

                              I think I am running out of time...