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  • 注定 Show Hand

    Saw the trailers for this drama, SHOW HAND

    From the creators of Secrets for Sale

    Premieres 5 Mar 2012 Every Mon - Fri 10pm on Channel U

    2012 Blockbuster Drama: SHOW HAND 《注定》

    Zhang Qi Ming (Christopher Lee) and Jian Xing (Chew Chor Meng) are gambling buddies who met as actors in a television program.

    They get arrested in an underground gambling den raid and both are sentenced to jail.

    Six years on, Qi Ming gets early release for good behavior. Qi Ming wants to start afresh while Jian Xing hopes to make a comeback in the gambling scene.

    Can Qi Ming save his family and himself from the evil lures of gambling? How long can Jian Xing last before his wife finds out about his comeback? Who will win this game of life?

    Christopher Lee, Chew Chor Meng, Cynthia Koh, Ann Kok, Ian Fang, Kimberly Chia

    Source: Show Hand 《注定》 | Facebook

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    i'm actually quite excited about this drama...

    Anyone shares same sentiments?

    Here's a clip i saw on youtube. might convince you about the drama

    Channel U: 《注定》 Show Hand Exclusive Highlights - YouTube