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  • Healthy Diet for Busy People

    I found a nice blog about diet programs. She created a different diet programs for her friends who has different situations and needs. One of her diet program is applicable for us who is so busy and doesn't have time to cook and even not interested in doing a diet. But when I've read the full articles. She shared 7 days food list to eat based on the favorite food of her friend. I will give you one example.


    Breakfast – a slice of whole grain bread with 25 grams (1 oz) feta cheese.
    Lunch – Baked meat fillet (chicken, veal, turkey) and salad (no sauce, only olive oil, salt and vinegar).
    Snack – a cup of plain yoghurt (no sugar or any other additives, just plain type yoghurt).

    Dinner – 200-250 grams baked (grilled) fish and salad. If you are busy to cook, than buy a can of tuna in brine, be careful to buy fillet tuna, not tuna chunks.
    Late cravings – Take two big cucumbers, peel them, cut them on long pieces, add salt and eat them slowly. The idea is to do everything slowly so you will not eat it quickly and than still feel hungry.

    She said that this diet is based on a low carb meals combined with protein, “slow” carbs . Then you will lose 2 pounds per week or 8 pounds per month. This cums with a physical activity like jogging, swimming, walking which is minimum of 30mins.

    I get interested in this because I am also a busy person. I tried to leave an inquiry on her page hope she answered me. ehehheh!

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    Can you pm me ?
    I am also interested to know the blog.



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      I am interested as well, can pm me also? Or send an email to me at [email protected]

      I have started on a low carb diet with most of the food being vegetables, egg protein, chicken breast, fruits and natural yogurt. Started for 2 days, felt refreshed, am surprised that salad can actually made one full very fast! As for the yogurt, I am so used to the fruit yogurt that I can't bring myself to continue with the natural diet, so I bought blueberries to add into the plain yogurt, so far, it tastes great!


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        This is a sound meal plan. My daily food intake is somewhat similar and it has been ongoing for the past 2 years. Not necessarily low carb, just clean carbs (complex carbs from wholegrains or carbs from veg and fruits). I never go hungry, snack a lot, eat about 6 meals a day and managed to stay healthy.


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          can you pm me the link as well?

          thank you


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            If you want to lose weight at night while sleeping, drink a protein shake 1 hour before heading to bed. Your body will be working to break down those protein at night. I tried it and lost 4-5KG in a month while still maintaining my somewhat unhealthy diet.


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              Thanks Andre for sharing this information.


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                Nice menu.... Thanks for sharing..