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Diet During Pregnancy

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  • Diet During Pregnancy

    As a fan of this lady I've discovered online. I want also to share with you her blog about diet for preggy women. The reason why you need to be on diet is first you nedd to take care of the baby inside your tummy and second you still wanted to stay sexy.

    She said that everyday you must eat a portion from this food groups:

    1. Diary food.
    2. Fresh fruits.
    3. Lots of vegetables.
    4. Whole grains and legumes.
    5. Lean meat and fish.

    You must prevent fish that are high in mercury as it may damaged the fetus.

    I hope this is helpful for you... I am so entertained with this blog. A lots of advices I can follow.

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    Fresh fruits

    what kind of fresh fruits? pregnant ladies tend to like fresh fruits a lot, but are they all healthy?


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      Hi ShulinTan! Sorry for the very late reply. Here I copy paste for you what the writer said about that.

      This could be any fresh fruit. Fruits supply fibers (and Vitamins) and this helps to prevent (or heal) constipation during pregnancy. Also fruits sate the hunger for sweets. If you have sweet cravings it is better to over eat with fruits than to stuff yourself with chocolate and cookies. Even you eat more than 500 grams fruits per day it is better than to eat carbs from chocolates and cookies which will immediately stick to your buttocks and belly like fat.

      Hope its helpful!


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        On the fruits part.. don't overeat on papaya, carrot n pumpkin..bcoz they contains betacarotene. When baby is born may get jaundice ..


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          mm.. I think you may want to read what I've read online? I will try to PM you the link. She is doing nice diet advices base on her friend's needs.