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  • Spain

    Just realised we don't have a thread dedicated to Spain!

    Ladies who've been there and fallen in love with it (or not), do share your experiences.

    I found a pretty decent site about Barcelona:

    Will update when I find more!

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    I personally think Spain is such a fantastic place. It has everything that a traveller could want, ranging from the sun and sea, to the hustle and bustle of a city.

    I think the place that is most worthwhile to mention is Barcelona, which is such a wonderfuly cultural and cosmpolitan city.

    One of the things I love so much about Barcelona, is that everywhere you look, you can see some of the most unusual but beautiful architecture. Gaudi's works are probably the most famous, so La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell are the 'must sees' of the city.

    I particulary enjoyed having a relaxing wander around the quiet streets of the Gothic Quarters, which is just full of awe-inspiring medieval building and offers plenty of cafes and bars to chill out in.

    La Rambla is the most famous street in Barcelona. There is so much going on there, from street musicians to mime artists, food markets, souvenir shops etc. I personally loved it for people watching

    If you enjoy shopping, then Barcelona is for you! I remember having a great time browsing the shops with my girlfriends

    Their underground is quite easy to navigate and is cheap. I'd recommend this over the local taxi cabs, as you have to very weary of them not ripping you off.



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      erm xue,
      i already wrote all about my barca experience in my blog. photos included. flip back and have a looksee?

      oh yah, there's some scattered info about spain here too: all about europe
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        one of my favourite countries. hope to visit there one day.


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          Thanks so much Fantasia! Helpful as always

          Char: I'm trying to move the posts from there but it's too mindboggling. Will go check your LJ again!


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            This is Spain's official tourist board website- might be helpful for those of you who are looking for some background info, and a basic idea of which destinations to visit.


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              I'm intending to travel to spain next May, this is an awesome site:here

              Barcelona for great shopping, tapas, gaudi, sunshine, people and colour!


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                Hi, I've lived 1.5 years in Spain (in Andalusia) and have visited quite a number of cities. Can I help?


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                  Is there any cheap accomodation in Barcelona? I will be going there is May for my backpacking trip.



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                    Hey Lotusinparis, I read in another thread you said you are a boring housewife but you have lived in spain and now france. Now, thats what I would consider quite interesting and exciting, getting to experience the different lifestyles. I love both barcelona and paris very much. I have to go back to both places again someday. See ya around and hope to read more about your experiences.


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                      When I was travelling low cost, I would turn up in the centre of town (centro ciudad, e.g. Las Ramblas in Barcelona among others), put down my bags and just look up ahead of me for signs that say 'pension' (someone's house) or 'hostal' (hostel or cheap hotel). Then just ask if you could see the rooms and negotiate your price (with or without attached bathroom etc).
                      About 10 years ago my budget was like 10-15USD pax. When you arrive at a train station, there could be people around showing you photos of their rooms, say you could follow them (only if it's in the middle of town) to check out their rooms but will not commit until you see them. If you want to speak Spanish, it's easy, una habitacion para _ personas por favor (one room for _ people, please), cuanto cuesta (how much), demasiado cara (too expensive), menos (less), muy bien (very good)...At least learn how to count and say hello, thank you and good bye in the language of your host country, it'll help.
                      Then I realised that during peak season, those 'cheap' hostals are not that cheap actually and that you can get 3-4 star hotels in the middle of town for almost the same price and especially if you travel in pairs. Go to (English version available) and check out their list of rooms for 1 ticket (un talon), each tix costs 50 Euros (+7% tax to be paid directly to the hotel) and you get luxury. My favourite chain of Spanish hotels is the NH. More difficult in Barcelona to get rooms, but elsewhere, it's usually easier. Also can go to a travel agency like Barcelo Viajes to get these tix, they also have other tix like that for top hotels at discount prices.
                      Great restaurants in Barcelona (one of my fav is Agua on the beach), easy to travel, they have the subway and buses.
                      I also like Valencia, it's near the sea too. Check out also the hotel chains yourself, Sol Melia and NH sometimes have interesting offers on their websites. And if you want something special (but probably 100 Euros per night), you can also try the Paradores (castles or historical monuments converted to hotels). They eat late in Spain, before 9pm usually they do not serve dinner. In the South of Spain, my fav drink is the tinto de verano, red wine mixed with Fanta, a shortcut version of the sangria. For tapas, try the almeras (especially if they have them al pil pil - with garlic and chilli), they are clams of some sort. And their prawns (gambas) or sotong (calamar) a la plancha (grilled), a safe bet. Also you can eat fried ikan bilis or baby sotong in batter, once in a while quite shok. Lunch is always cheaper, they do fixed menus for a discount price that include everything from starter to dessert and sometimes a drink. In certain bars, they actually offer you the tapas each time you order a drink, so you could get free tapas but not everyone offers that. Tapas are in small portions when you eat at the counter, sit down or on the terrace are bigger portions and more ex. For breakfast, I love toasted bread (tostado) where I rub tomatoes (tomates) on (or they could serve you the tomatoes already in a pulp) and then top up with virgin olive oil. Or churros (like yu cha gueh) with sugar.
                      Lisbon (Portugal) is also a wonderful city to visit, France needless to say, is too beautiful. I may be moving to Germany (or somewhere else) this summer.
                      Hope this helps.


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                        I accompanied my friend to the Spain Tourism Office at Liat Towers yesterday. And after seeing all the brochures and talking to a very nice lady, I am now officially tempted to go with my friend!

                        Because of time (AND money) constraint, I'm thinking of Barcelona for about 5-7 days. Probably in June.

                        Would like to find out roughly how much will basic things like food and travelling (I mean getting around within a city, like train or buses, etc) cost? Been to some countries where food costs a bomb and it can really kill the budget!


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                          Candela, air tix not cheap and then only spend 5-7 days there? Or are you going somewhere else as well?
                          When I was at NUS (ages ago) I used to help organise student tours, but DIY is still my preference. Once, with 3 other girls we did 3 cities (Madrid, Grenada & Barcelona) in 9-10 days. By train. Everything organised on the spot. We slept in pensions or hostals, travelled by MRT, buses or train. Tried local specialities during lunchtime (fixed price menus) and ate tapas for dinner. Those were the days.
                          Otherwise, it's a question of what you're looking for when you travel. You prefer to sleep comfortably, maybe in a historical bldg? Or it doesn't matter in which case a clean basic room in a pension or hostal (usually shared bathrooms) will do. A basic room should start at around S$40.
                          Back in 1993, we were 4 and we paid between 9 and 20 USD per person depending on the type of room we took. (Recently I only sleep in 3-4 star hotels so it'll be min 57 Euros for a discounted room.)
                          Just turn up (from the airport or train station there's a MRT or bus to the town centre) at the La Rambla, Barri G?tic or L'Eixample neighbourhoods and spend some time checking out rooms. For the MRT and bus, buy a ticket for 10 trips, it's cheaper than buying individual tickets. Can't remember but it should be around 1-2 Euros per trip. I usually walk and walk.
                          For meals, MacDonalds' usually among the cheapest you can get, but seriously, why would you want to do that? If your budget's tight, then just eat a decent breakfast at the counter, followed by a decent lunch (the fixed price menus start at 10 Euros, usually paellas, other arroz dishes, tortillas, grilled meats) and then order a few drinks and tapas (also known as pinchos in Barcelona) in the evening. At most restaurants, you can eat at the bar (seafood, grilled meats) and it's cheaper than sitting down. Drinks start at 1,50 Euros. Usually more. Tinto is red wine. Tinto blanco white wine. I love sangria and it usually comes in a jug. They have Wagamama (like in London) if you're craving for noodles. My favourite higher-end restos : Agua, Mama Club, Set Portes, Quatre Gats...(lunch is cheaper even in these restaurants). You usually pay for bread (which is usually lousy). Chinese restaurants are cheaper than the western ones, but the food's so-so.
                          Miro (the art gallery)Picasso (the museum), Gaudi (sagrada familia, la pedrera, a few bldgs), you know you must visit their works! And make a day trip to Montserrat (monastery) or to an amusement park. And the beach's just an MRT ride away (if I'm right as I usually go there by car). And you can also do bicycle tours (day or night). Shops open late especially if they close between 1 and 4pm (siesta). Souvenir shops open till very late, of course.
                          For those who may be interested, in May, there'll be open houses in Grenada, Cordoba and Sevilla for patio (interior courtyards in old Andalusian townhouses) visits.


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                            thanks for the info, lotusinparis!
                            yup I'll actually be on my way to somewhere else, that's why it'll be some sort of stopover trip for me. I'm really looking forward to it! Will probably go and buy a lonely planet or something next week!


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                              reading your stuff makes me wanna go back to Barcelona!!

                              i stayed in a pensions just off Las Ramblas, v near the market so my diet consisted of a lot of sandwiches (gotta love the spanish ham and salami!)

                              Gaudi's works are exquisite! La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Batllo.
                              i spent AGES just walking around looking and admiring...

                              i was there for only 5 days and it is Not Enough Time. wanted to stay at a Parador (castle-hotels) but couldn't fit it in.

                              for accommodation,Hostal Goya came highly recommended by my friend. wanted to stay there but it was fully booked during the period i was there.