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  • Turkey


    Is Turkey a nice place for sightseeing ?

    How's the weather in Jan/ Feb and would appreciate more information on this country!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Turkey is a brilliant place for sightseeing. I've been there twice now and had a fantastic time on each occasion.

    However, I'm not too sure what's the weather going to be like in Jan/ Feb, so you really will have to do some research on that, especially if you want to enjoy the sun and sea!

    You'll find that different resorts will cater for different tastes. Some are geographically better locations for sightseeing as Turkey is such a huge place. Also, some places have much better beaches than others. All in all, it depends on what you're after. If you let me know, then I might be able to point you in the right direction

    My highlights of Turkey are as follows:
    - Ephesus & its museums (I thought it was really fascinating & is great if you love acheological sites)
    - A day trip on a Gullet-cruise
    - Pammukale (a natural wonder of the world) & a swim in it's thermal pool
    - A day trip to Rhodes or Samos in Greece (you can get there by hydrofoil)
    - Istanbul and its wonderful mosques. There are loads of beautiful ones, but I can't remember their names!

    Please visit this website, which is Turkey's Official Tourist Board with loads of useful info.

    Just some other things I'd like to point out. It's important to take some medication if you are prone to getting the traveller's tummy- which is especially likely in Turkey! Generally, the Turks are very friendly, but just be weary of the men as they can be a bit sleezy at times.

    Last of all, just be aware of their religious customs. In the tourist resorts you can be quite laid back and wear what you want, but if you go to head out of these tourist areas or intend on visiting mosques make sure that you are appropiately dressed. E.g. in Istanbul, most of the people there are strict muslims and the women are dressed head to toe in black, with only their eyes showing, so itsy bitsy summer clothes ain't a good idea there



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      went on a guided tour of Turkey erm...10 years ago?

      but my highlights from that trip are similar to Fantasia. Ephesus was simply amazing. Pammukale was the calcium carbonate thermal pools rite? that was quite cool. all of use took off our shoes, rolled up jeans and waded in.

      Turkey (esp inland) can be quite cold in jan/feb so do pack warm clothing.

      good idea to carry a scarf around cos the mosques won't let women in unless their heads are covered.

      don't get ripped off in the Grand Bazaar - take your time and walk around and check out the prices first. and bargain bargain bargain!

      touristy things to buy
      Turkish apple tea
      Turkish teacup sets
      Turkish delight (duh!)
      dried chili (sounds weird i know, but it's good!)
      'Evil Eyes'


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        vix, what are "evil eyes"?


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          the blue glass beads with the white and black splotches.

          according to my Turkish guide (9 years ago!!) every turk carries one with him and it's suppose to ward off evil. comes in lotsa designs and sizes. think the larger ones are for the home?

          oh hang on, here's more...
          Turkish Talisman, (Evil Eyes), is an object which you believe has magic powers to protect you or bring you luck. Turkish people believe that it absorbs bad energy coming from evil eyes. Usually, no one leaves Turkey without purchasing a blue and white evil eye charm. No place of business or home is without one. They come in many styles, from simple to ornate. Usually, they are made of glass but also can be made of plastic. Legend has it that it protects you from "bad luck". "Bad luck" translates into evil or harm wished upon you from another. When a child is born, an evil eye is pinned to the garment on his or her right back shoulder for protection from other people's evil wishes. Many individuals wore protective evil eyes amulets or charms to nullify its effects.


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            that's something new to me. very interesting too.


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              I'm keen to go on a guided tour to Turkey in January. It seems that only a few tour agencies provides guided tour groups to there.

              By the way, how cold does it get ? I'd never travel to cold countries ( at least not in the last 10 yrs LOL), and so i would need help on what type of clothing to pack.

              And is it a generally safe country to visit ?


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                for some help on packing for cold countries, try these threads:

                Winter Wear

                Skincare for cold climates

                not sure how cold it gets in Jan, try checking the turkish travel board?

                in general, turkey is quite ok. but i wouldn't move around on your own, esp if female. and don't go too far off - the language barrier can be quite a problem.
                if you're intending to go on a guided tour, then no need to worry about this.

                iirc, my guided tour was with Ananda. HTH!


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                  would definitely recommend going on guided tour, especially if it's your first time there. the men can be quite leery sometimes.


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                    Hey thanks so much Fantasia, vivette and michannat.

                    I'm planning a trip with my parents either in mid January before CNY or shortly after CNY, which would be in mid February.

                    My dad suggested Turkey because he loves touring country with rich history and magnificent buildings. But I'm a little worried because it might be a tad too cold for my parents then. I checked with the tour agency and was told that the temperature would hover from below 10 degree celcius to about 15 degree celcius. And beside, they don't take mutton or beef and so i'm also thinking about the food part.

                    Another place i can think of with rich history and ancient buildings would be Rome :p But it seems that by February, it would still be very cold.

                    Just thought i ask some frequent travellers, what is a nice place to visit in February with nice weather(around 20 degree celcius) and excluding Australia and New Zealand?


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                      Turkey has some really beautiful sites..
                      especially ancient ruins...

                      worth a trip if you like to visit ancient places..places that exists for hundreds of years

                      There's a photo gallery of my trip last time here:

                      Will be going back the agean sea side...heard the seas there are gorgeous!


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                        hiya zev,

                        firstly, welcome to Cozycot!

                        thanks for sharing your photos, v sweet of ya to do so!


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                          I love Turkey, been there twice and each time for nearly a month. I'm female and I travelled alone. You get harassed but they do know how to take no for an answer. ;-) and if you like exotic men maybe you may not wish to say no (ha ha)
                          But it can be cold before April/May, I'm not sure it's a good idea to turn up before that.
                          I've been of course to Istanbul, always stayed in Taksim (new part of the city) and from there ventured out to the old city and other areas. It's more comfortable this way. The Spice Market, the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Palaces...and stop for a while to drink a glass of elma chai (apple tea) or thick black coffee. Buy roasted nuts from vendors with this big box that actually heat them, and the lokum! Yummy...
                          They have lovely restaurants in Istanbul, Turkish cuisine is more than just gyros (roast meat on a spit). The cheese samosas are delicious and if you like eggplant, they do nice grilled eggplants topped with melted cheese...
                          From Istanbul, I've ventured to Yalova and Bursa, to Ankara...By coach. Just go to the bus terminals and ask for a coach to your selected destination. They are comfortable, you get a toilet cum tea break after a few hours and they refresh you with cologne as you return to your seats.
                          I've also been to Marmaris, Antalya (Southern Coast), Cappadocia, Pammukale (the thermal baths)...and to Trabzon in the North (hanging monastry), rarely visited by organised groups.
                          But you always have to bargain, check prices and one will never fail to rip you off. And don't change too much money in one shot, the inflation's bad in the country, in just one week sometimes the value of their money can drop like 50%. Check out the exchange rate (US and Euro) daily on the front page of their English daily and keep that in mind. Propose to pay with Euros or USD whenever you make big purchases (if you master your mental rates).
                          I love Turkey.


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                            This turkey thread seems really inactive..hehe.. Anyway, intending to go Turkey in Dec this yr.. Anyone who went Turkey recently?? Can share ur experiences there?


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                              I have booked the tour trip to Turkey this December. I hope that we can get enough ppl to go on a tour.. if not...