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  • Nanotechnology

    been reading about this everywhere.

    this is an example of one of the cards.

    Uses Nanotechnologically engineered material that emits high intensity far infrared rays to regulate the female hormonal balance, improve local microcirculation, effectively relieves menstrual pain and discomforts.

    Menstrual cramps are mainly caused by poor ?qi? and blood circulation. As water is transformed by blood, and blood travels with the ?qi?, when blood and ?qi? are plentiful, the ?qi? is regulated and the blood harmonized, thus shall flow without stoppage without any sufferance of pain. However, if ?qi? and blood are short or stagnate, menstrual flow becomes uneasy and such obstruction causes pain. It can release high intensity far infrared, improve micro-circulation, regulate hormonal secretion, improves blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, allows easy menstrual flow, relieve pain symptoms. This Card produces resonance with human radiation wave from an approximate distance of 9.8?m and emits energy with a crest value that penetrates as deep as 9mm into the skin. It reaches the human body tissues, nerves, blood vessels, produces apparent results in promoting blood circulation and reducing blood stasis as well as improving microcirculation.

    Usage Method:
    Simply place the Menstrual Relief card against the painful area.

    read all about this and other cards at

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    I'm not really sure the explanation is correct, but if it works I wouldn't give a damn. Been suffering far to long to go with scientific explanations now. But only time and clinical trials can tell if it works.

    Why some women experience menstrual cramps is because of uterine smooth muscle stretch in response to the high hormone levels. The pain receptors are activated when smooth muscle is stretched beyond its natural length. Painkillers block the pathways by which inflammation is mediated and reduce the pain somewhat.

    If only the day will come where women no longer have to suffer from physiology. Natural my ass.


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      Hmm i find it hard to believe that placing a card over the affected area will relieve pain. but that's probably because i'm more of a "need to know the science behind it" person. the thing is, the psychological response is a powerful one, and if you want to believe that something is working, you will. this has been suggested to occur even with medicine..


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        i'm game to try. just e-mailed them but my mail bounced back. kinda ironic that they're so far advanced in this nanotechnology but can't fix a simple website glitch.

        IIRC, in the recent issue of Female (or is it Her World), one of the testers tried the card meant for tired feet. she gave it 3 out of 4 stars. in Style mag, the writer tried the SleepEasy card and it worked wonders for her. maybe the menstrual relief card might be a God send for many of us. i'm sick of popping painkillers every month.


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          Placebo effect accounts for about 30% of clinical responses.