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  • Steamboat Soup

    hi going to organise a dinner for christmas..... but dunno how ot make the soup for steamboat. Dunno which flavor is good....
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    I always do this: Buy about 1 kg of white shell cockles and pour it into boiling water. Add white cabbage and let the soupbase boil for awhile. And you can start your steamboat anytime.

    This shortcut method always serves me well because of the natural sweetness of the cockles which will give the soup a natual rich flavour.

    Beats brewing any other soupbase way before the steamboat starts.


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      Where to get white shell cockles?

      soupbase meaning those we buy from supermartS? hee thanks alot

      i'm gonna try for NEW YEAR EVE with my SO


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        I think most supermarket sells it but i recommend buying from the wet market since it will be much fresher.

        Do remember to soak it in water and change the water 2-3 times to remove the sand.

        Not very sure of the exact name but it's called "la3 la3" in dialect. It's a common sight in Singapore-styled steamboats i think.


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          Cuppucino: psst... enjoy your dim sum and steamboat !!


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            ohhh i know la la! hee....hmm..

            i trust you okie! ponine

            will there be any fishy smell ? ahahah....i think not right..okieokie i trust u! i will make my soup base on your "recipe" hee hee

            hopefully will enjoy the nice steamboat!~


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              You can buy those can chicken soups from Fairprice supermarkets. Add them into the boiling water. Or cook a small portions of prawns, fishballs, etc. Alternatively, you can add in abalone can soup into the boiling water provided that you are serving slices of abalones. Or add in 1 egg into the steamboat after few rounds of serving.
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                I boil lots of big fat conpoy (dried scallops)w/ water. At times, fresh fish balls are cooked 1st in the stock.

                End up the soup base quite ex.


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                  dunno will it be nice if i add ikan bilis, cabbage and shell cockles
                  tomorrow am going to feed 1 people.. if the soup base not nice dunno how. :Doh:


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                    Hmm.. i think hold the ikan bilis. They might smell fishy in my opinion.

                    Anyhow, i think if you get fresh ingredients, the soup base will just get richer and sweeter as you add in food to cook.

                    Enjoy l.a.h... don't be so nervous!

                    Let us know how it goes


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                      yup i also feel that putting ikan billis wont be nice....HAHA....maybe i don't like ikan bilis


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                        after discussion, they wanted me to do Herbal soup base, so late is it just buy the ingredient from Medicine hall will do.. anymore to add??


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                          hihi, still on my quest to making a good steamboat next week.

                          Can anyone advise? haha for 2-pax, what steamboat ingredients to include and where to get them??

                          I am thinking of getting the below from wet market..

                          1. The Japanese mushroom ("Jing Zhen GU"
                          2. Bean curds
                          3. Fishballs and misc "yong-tau foo stuffs"
                          4. MEAT! HELP! how to get MEAT? which part of chicken meat should i get? how about beef???
                          5. scallops

                          Can't think of any more right now.....someone please alert if i have missed out any important ingredient or must-haves....! TIA!

                          ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING! ----- THE SAUCE

                          Where to get nice chillie sauce? or satay sauce? or whatever sauce? Any advise? hee.....


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                            U can go Sheng Siong if there is one near u. Although wet & smelly, i prefer to go there instead of wet market as there are price indication for everything. Prevent getting chopped by market folks.

                            Prawns, live crabs? Chicken fillet loin pork slices are ok.

                            Dun get too much enoki mushroom, 2 packs max as they tend to make yr soup sticky.


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                              Hubby and I love having steamboat at home! Here's what we normally do- We buy a carton of clear chicken broth (Heinz is good) as the soup base and add some water to it, ratio of chicken broth to water is 3:1. As for ingredients, here's what we love:

                              -'Tang Oh', a type of veggie commonly used in steamboat
                              -'Xiao Bai Cai'
                              -Ennoki mushrooms
                              -Shitake mushrooms (fresh)
                              -Abalone mushrooms (fresh)
                              -Sukiyaki beef (paper-thin slices of beef)
                              -Fishballs, Pork balls
                              -Large tiger prawns

                              All the above can be purchased at Cold storage. Hths.