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Where does your babies name come from?

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  • Where does your babies name come from?

    Hi! I'm not a mommy yet. I'm asking in behalf of my sister-in-law. She's 3 weeks pregnant. This is their first baby so she's still new with what name should she gave her baby. She have a lot of ideas and its becoming to trouble her. I want to ask the moms out here for any advice. She really want the name to be very special.

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    My first born's name is Matthew and my little girl's name is Sarah. Both of their names came from the bible. My husband and I are both Christian and ever since I was pregnant with Mattie we decided to name them from the bible.

    My suggestion for your sister-in-law is that she should name her baby based on what she and her husband think is best. For example, it could come from the first letter of their name like what my mom did with us. Or the names can be based from a combined name. They just have to talk about it. And sometimes, it just hits you, the name and it sounds very special like it was meant to be. That was I felt when I saw the name Matthew as I was reading the bible.

    Don't worry when the time comes your brother and sister-in-law will definitely have a very special name for their baby.