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    hi all
    i am new to flossing (ashamed to say i never flossed before in my life), i just bought 1 to try.

    when i floss right, sometimes the floss cuts in my gums and bleed! how?

    and when i floss i can see the thread going in quite deep into my gum, is this normal? how come the thread can go in so deep? does it mean there is space between my gums and the base of my tooth? will this cause my tooth to loosen in future is this the normal structure between gums and teeth?

    sorry for asking so much..but when i see the blood i stopped..what is the correct way to floss? how do u floss the back of your teeth?


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    when you just start flossing.. don't gan chiong... gently ease the thread down between the teeth. Nevermind you'll take a longer time.. sooner or later you'll start flossing faster once you get the hang of it.


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      hey thanks girl but when i floss how come the thread can sometimes go deep down into my gums, as though it is cutting my gums. scary!!!
      is that normal?


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        i tried it again on my lower tooth and yes the thread went deep down! i am so scared!! i think my gum has loosen from my tooth otherwise the thread cannot go down so deep!!


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          dewy, i think it's normal for your gums to bleed the first time you start flossing. after you've done it for a while the bleeding should stop. just be gentler next time

          as for the thread going down very deep, i think that's pretty normal too, but i'm not too sure...


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            thanks..i need some assurance if not i will get paranoid given my panicky nature..

            anyway will see a dentist but earliest is in 2 weeks time.. :roll:


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              It's normal to bleed - get floss that's not tape-like - it cuts a bit deeper. How you should floss is to have a short section of floss stretched between both hands, and ease it gently between the teeth. First "wrap" it around the edge of one tooth and use a very slow gentle sawing motion, cleaning the entire tooth-edge - it should go slightly into the gum but not cut it at the top end. Then move to a clean section of floss, wrap it around the edge of the other tooth and repeat. Don't know if that makes sense. Smell the floss. If it still smells bad, repeat flossing the same area. If it's clean it shouldn't smell. Then move on to another section of toothcracks. When you brush you should also brush your gums to keep it strong and healthy.

              I got sick of the bleeding - takes about 3-4 days to stop and I don't have weak gums. I just use the waterpik now. It's recommended by dentists due to the bleeding problem, and infection.


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                thanks..i was told by the older dentist in another clinic that i have gingivitis and require root planning treatment up to $400+..

                must give injections and use something to deep clean beneath the gums..gosh~


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                  its normal, dun worry. as for your dentist I suggest you get a second opinion.


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                    thanks for assuring me, ya i hope its normal i read about the depth of gums normal depth should be 3cm mine is around there..

                    i am going to get a 3rd opinion..1 said yes 1 said

                    any good ones to recommend preferably around west or central?


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                      Get the Oral-B Tape, it doesn't make one bleed vy much.


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                        I think it's normal to bleed. I do bleed occasionally still.

                        What I'm using now is the new Oral B Electric floss. Super fun to use. But can be painful the first few times you use it.


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                          dewy, u hv gum problem? I had the same problem and was referred to NDC for further treatment recently. Just completed the whole course. My gums used to bleed whenever I brushed my teeth. But after treatment, no more bleeding whenever I brush or floss my teeth.


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                            hi..i just went to another dentist for 2nd opinion, he said my gum problem wasnt that bad..just 1 round of scaling and flossing by him..and brush properly and floss at home will do..he did gave me 1 shot of injection at the more problematic in 2 weeks.

                            total damage $85..i feel better..the other dentist did not bother to explain much and told me my problem quite bad, need to injection whole mouth and do some deep scaling, total cost near $400, i though he was trying to rip off my $..

                            hi pps
                            what treatment did u do at nsc? was it some injections thingy and then scaling all over? or more than that? care to share? thanks!!


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                              yeah they inject the anaethsia to numb the gum and do the scaling. the most painful part is when they poke the needle into the gum. our treatment is almost the same. cost me about $100 each time