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Hui Lau Shan (Xu Liu Shan) / ICE MONSTER

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  • Hui Lau Shan (Xu Liu Shan) / ICE MONSTER

    i love their mango desserts.

    One local outlet opened at International Building (old Delifrance unit) yesterday.

    Prices so high!!! Similar to Ice Monster (Taiwan origin).

    No bundle purchase. Anyone tried?
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    I assume this is a franchaise of the HK dessert shops?


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      HK's shopboards are done up with solid wood craving (in red & gold).

      Here's same font & colour used but in acrylic (if not wrong)

      Menu abit similar. Prices are like 5.90 on average!!!

      More like a eat-in cafe. :huh:


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          Yummy... been picking ripen mangoes for past 2 days (ahem.. i mean go mnago sale) so having this strong craving.

          The Bencoolen has got one, named "Tang Cao HK Xu Liu Shan Desserts". Unbelievable, they even roped in TST Tang Cao!!!!

          But they do practise bundle purchase, up to 2 cuppas though. Cheap but small serving. :booty:


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            Guess I'm going to make a trip down soon!


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              Quite QooQoo place, serves makan like spring rolls, samosa, turnip/taro cake, HK style sharkfin soup, lotus rice, fried rice, gong-zai (HK Doll) mee too!!!

              Ice Monster is its neighbour.


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                The Xu Liu Shan shop at International building is a disappointment. Have been waiting forever for someone to bring it in but this Can't say I'm glad.

                The range is limited. The HK branches have daily specials which included bird nest specials.


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                  The concept is very different. Wannabe i think.
                  Next time, i will "question" the staff.
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                    Really? wow that is a surprise! I missed those i had in HK too... Ate there almost everyday after dinner during my last return. I love those desserts no matter in cold or hot, both types are nice! I saw Holland V's some time back but the range is limited. But it sounds as if the one at International Plaza is not worth trying... sad.


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                      I when to try and liked the Ice monster better!! The orginal Hui Lau Shan doesn't seem to taste as nice as the one in HK!


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                        Can anyone tell me where can i find Ice Monster ?

                        I was mad abt Hui Lau Shan when i was in HK too........when i came back singapore, the nearest thing i can find is "Mango Shiok" from Cool Station.


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                          Ice Monster's pricing scares me off. But is the serving big enough to justify their average 6 bucks pricetag?

                          Monster is residing at L1 of Bencoolen Building, next to OG ALbert & facing Burlington Sq!!!!


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                            Just tried local Hui lau shan at International Building. Not up to standard.

                            Serving was small and expensive, not much choice as well. Totally not worth it IMO.


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                              tried hui lau shan yesterday, was really disappointed with the standard...and the mango cubes are so miserable compared to those i tried in HK...