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FOOD THAT YOU JUST LEARNED TO EAT (you never ate it before)

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  • FOOD THAT YOU JUST LEARNED TO EAT (you never ate it before)

    I wonder if you all ladies here experienced the same as I always did. One example of food that I am not eating before is Japanese uncooked food. But after a dinner with friends at Todai (a buffet Resto at Marina Bay) I take courage to taste those food and its now part of my cravings for sometimes. Another one is carrots, I am eating this but if its possible to not have it I would probably choose not to eat it but after I watched a video at Youtube I was convinced that it is good for me and for my skin.

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    lol one does not simply think that they are adventurous in eating till they've tried stuff like this TOP 5 STRANGEST EATS IN ASIA


    Seriously the things that people come out with..
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      healthy food

      I just ate bran cereals and cous cous for the first time! nice


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        It would have to be custard apple that I had just tried during my business trip to Indonesia...the fruit looks scaley on the outside but tastes really sweet and nice


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          Raw chinese turnip aka BangKwang. It's so crunchy and addictive!


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            Raw food- especially sashimi