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Oral irrigators a.k.a. Waterpiks

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  • Oral irrigators a.k.a. Waterpiks

    Does anyone use one of these? I have the waterpik travel set which I think is very poorly designed but it's the only US model that is compatible with our electric supply. So my mom got conned into buying it. I'd have bought the Hydrofloss - I have a transformer so it's not a problem for me.

    If anyone uses other models could you please tell me what you think of it? There are cheaper local models by Phillips but I am apprehensive. Braun also has one that comes with the electric toothbrush. TIA.

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    where to get them? how to use? are they electrical flossers? (i sound dumb)


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      It's just a jet shooting water in between the teeth. They are usually rechargable so you don't have to plug it in all the time.

      has everything available on the US market but you need to get a transformer to use most of it. Mine is the waterpik travel set which is not very user friendly. Dying for it to conk out so I can get a new one. It cost over $100 an didn't work properly when I first got it. Had to fix it myself.


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        Perhaps get a recommendation from your dentist? They should be familiar with such things right?


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          My dentist was the one who recommended it. As I said in the first post I don't like the design - the only reason it's recommended is because it's compatible with our electric supply. I have a transformer so I don't have a problem. Just wanted reviews for better ones.


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            Oh, I think such things are not widely use thus not much comment from people here.