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  • CreativeTech music devices

    Anyone bought this yet? Any reviews?

    Is it easy to use? Does the battery really last? Where's the best place to get a good discount?

    Best Denki's selling it for about S$450 now!

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    Best Denki is selling it pretty cheap actually. IIRC, zen micro is retailing at $529 elsewhere.

    another good place to go to is Parasilk (or Parisilk?) at Holland V.

    Ipod mini: $429
    20Gb: $500
    Zen Micro: $450

    but the last time i was there (about 3 weeks ago), they were completely sold out on the mini.


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      I think I'd prefer the Zen over the iPod... I think la.

      my sister has the iPod and it's ok only. The battery life is pretty bad and I don't like how it can't read WMA.

      But I'm going to compare both of them side by side hopefully.


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        i was quite set on getting the zen micro too. but after doing the compare test, i like the mini better. it's slimmer than the micro but a little taller. the zen micro fits well into your palm though and looks and feels sturdier.


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          xue, i got the zen 20gb and i got it for 500 inclusive of the FM remote so it was a good deal for me. I like more space I got mine at the Lucky store at Holland V. I think if you bargain a little, it can be a little cheaper


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            Mich: really?!

            This is such a tough choice la...

            Stilafaux: thanks for the heads-up!


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              i've got the zen me i prefer zen micro to ipod mini...prob bcos of the FM tuner and that i can purchase songs online from Soundbuzz and Play and transfer to my zen...and i think ipod do not accept the format of such purchased songs...

              i bought my player from creative showroom at jurong...bought it as a bundled price that comes with a speaker for the player...


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                tingy is right about not being able to purchase songs from Soundbuzz to load onto the ipod coz of the WMA format. if you don't already have alot of songs, then that's something to consider.


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                  sorry if this sounds stupid, the creative zen can be used as a thumbdrive right?


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                    no, not stupid. Yes it can.


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                      heh heh! thanks xue!!


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                        I got a zen it!the battery life is AMAZING...I went hawaii with 2 level battery life only,and it lasted me 4 whole days and two which I fell asleep with it on running through the night!

                        The scroll is easier to use too...I just need a remote control now.any idea if creative has that in launch already?


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                          WOW! that's extremely impressive

                          Does anyone know what the retail price for the Zen Micro is now? I'm not in Singapore but I'm trying to get my mom to buy one for me It would help lots if I could tell her what the average RP is to avoid her being ripped off!


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                            IIRC, it should be around SGD$430.


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                              thanks so much sweetie!