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  • Abortion


    Has any one here had an abortion? What was it like? What are your thoughts on it?

    I really fear that I am period is almost 2 1/2 weeks late now and I have never missed a period before. My breasts are swollen and have never grown to this size before...I have not yet done a test but will be doing one tomorrow..if my fear is confirmed, my only option will be to I really am in no condition to be a mother.

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    Never mind what others think about this. Most important thing is what YOU think. Most important thing to do right now is to for go for a pregnancy test.

    Check out this link for more info:

    Pregnancy Crisis Service

    Tel: (65) 6339 9770

    Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 9am - 5pm

    Tue, Thu: 9am - 9pm

    For unmarried mothers & mothers-to-be.


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      momopeach has provided very useful information about unplanned pregnancy and how to deal with it.

      Please please go take a pregnancy test to confirm things now.

      Hope everything goes well.


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        Firstly, get a home kit and find out for real. Davis (momopeach) is right, right now it doesnt matter what others think, cause others are not the ones who will be there to share your regrets/burdens that comes with the decision you make, whatever it may be. Even though I'm a proud mom myself and I love my baby to bits, I can tell you that having a baby is a lifestyle that does not suit absolutely everyone. Whatever decision you make in the end, look far ahead. Do talk to someone you trust and explore all possibilities before you make the final decision. All the best.


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          momopeach offered excellent advice.

          You will be in my thoughts.


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            Hope u are doing fine, dun scare us. Quick go do the test.


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              hi angel_bunny,

              i have not had an abortion but if i had to now, i would go ahead with it because i am not prepared to be a mum. like the others say, do what you think is right for you now but after much consideration. definitely do a pregnancy test tmrw, try to get a pregnancy kit that has 2 tests inside. why?

              because when you do the first test, if it is negative, you should wait 3 days and then test again with the 2nd stick. likewise, if the first test is positive, double check again with the 2nd one.

              it is definitely a daunting experience waiting to find out if you are pregnant *hugs* be brave and know whatever the outcome is, you can face it. all the best!


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                oh dear, do a test first with pregnancy test kit. The ones available at drug stores are good enough and pretty accurate. Also if you want to get a gynae, do let me know. I can recommend you mine. Hope that you are not babe. You will be in my prayers


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                  so far, i'm lucky to have not encountered any unplanned pregnancy, esp teenage pregnancy (i have already passed that stage). I don't know anyone who personally had an abortion before. I had a close brush with people who had....

                  Last month, i had to go to KK hospital to undergo an operation (not abortion). When the procedure was completed (i was under general anaesthetic), i was wheeled to a recovery ward where all the ladies will be resting after their operations. I noticed a nurse holding a notebook labelling "Abortion Counselling 2004". I had a peep into the notebook, she has left it at the counter. The notebook has a record of all the ladies's name, IC no. etc who had underdone abortion in the year of 2004. I was shocked to see girls as young as 1986 (18yo) in there and some as old as 1968 (36yo).

                  Her job was to go to all the ladies who had just undergone abortion to counsell them on the importance of safe sex. Of course, she didn't come to my bed since I had no had an abortion. But the girl in front of my bed did. Since abortion requires general anaesthetic, it is hospital policy that the patient has someone to accompany them home for discharge. Overheard the girl calling his bf (she looked damn young btw) asking him where he was, and i will always remember the disappointment and frustration on her face when her bf wouldn't make it on time.

                  So ladies, i'm not trying to nag on you. But abortion will do tremendous harm to your body that no amount of time can recover and of course, not to mention the mental hurt and anguish to your life that you are murdering little unborned lives. If you must have sex, please practise safe sex. Better to be safe than sorry!!!

                  And some guys are bastards!! they can say they love you, but they only wanna bed you, that's all. don't be so naive k?


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                    Oh dear!
                    May I ask how old are you angel_bunny?
                    Have you talked to your bf/hubby? Is marriage one of your other alternatives?
                    Do go ahead with the pregnancy test soon, and be strong ya?


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                      Accidents can still happen with 'safe sex'.

                      We hope you're fine, girl. Do let us know how you're coping.


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                        i hope u are fine!
                        talk to ur bf/hubby abt it..u really need support now.
                        we'll be praying for u sweets.


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                          hey angel_bunny,

                          hope u r fine. take things one step at a time. n i agree with the rest. don't bother what others will think. it's more important to think about what u really want.

                          take care!


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                            Hi Angel_Bunny,

                            Have you done the test? Hope it is good news for you!

                            Happy New Year in advance!


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                              omg.. how old r u? i'm not really in any position to talk to u abt this cuz i'm only 17...

                              If i were u...
                              Married: i would give birth to e child if i could afford to, even if my husband objects to it and wants to divorce me.

                              Un-married: i would abort e baby. There's no point getting married just becoz of e baby. There wouldnt be any happiness and everyone would suffer.