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    I prefer SAM I was hit by Giro for so many times and now my insurance lapse. It is so hard to manage! Its always giving me headache. I choose to set an alarm and reminder in my hand phone and do my payment thru SAM I atleast have a control with the time. The GIRO of AIA is not in its promise dates. It is deducting to different dates. I dont know how they do the schedule. *pissed off!

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    Giro is so helpful for me huh because it is a minus of one troublesome life. I at least dont need to stop at SAM machine and sometimes long queue wasting my time to pay bills. In Giro you just need to be responsible in not withdrawing all of your money so that you will not be a victim of unsuccesful Giro letter.


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      I prefer SAM. I want to be in control of my time when paying.