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HELP! Trouble Renewing IP Address

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  • HELP! Trouble Renewing IP Address

    This is a long shot but I'm desperate. Will appreciate any help given!

    So this is the story:
    I'm having trouble connecting to my wireless network at home. It was working fine and then suddenly it stopped working! (All I did was turn on the laptop...) The network is still working (I can access it wirelessly using my bro's computer now) so it's either my laptop or my network card/modem.

    Basically, when I turn on my laptop, it says the connectivity is excellent/very good. But it keeps trying to 'acquire network address' and always fails. It'll end up telling me I've got limited or no connectivity because I've failed to renew my IP address.

    I tried turning off and on my router, and it worked the first time, but now it doesn't work anymore.

    So how???

    I just don't understand the sudden change, because it was working PERFECTLY before.

    i tried using my sister's usb modem and the same problem occurs (but it's the exact same model).

    What should I do? Does anyone know what the problem is? If not, does anyone know what I should do next? Is the problem likely to be with the laptop or the driver?

    Any help will be much-appreciated.

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    What is the IP address on your laptop at the moment? Is it showing only all zeros? Have you tried configuring the IP address manually instead of obtaining it automatically?


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      hi xue. i'm using wireless at my home over the summer hols too and have been plagued by problems

      are you using a wireless PC card or a wireless network USB adapter? if the latter, try plugging out the USB cable from yr laptop after you've turned the comp on, then wait a minute and plug it back in again, sort of to "refresh" the thing.

      if that doesn't work, right click to open 'view wireless networks'. chances are, there are several networks available (esp if you live in a high-rise place) and yr modem (or somethin) could be trying to connect you to someone else's network again. however you have to know which network is yours. mine's made up of numbers like 7234234-343 etc.

      if all else fails, call yr network's helpline? i know my 'solutions' are also pretty 'long-shot-ish' but these are what i've been doing to solve my woes, and i'm not much of an expert in technology :D


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        what wireless router are you using now, xue?

        im bad in explanantions but i will try? first of all, go into your network connections and right click on the wireless network connection icon. go to properties, and under network connections make sure you only have 1 id(that is your router) under preferred networks...

        perhaps putting your id on the top of the available network helps? not too sure about that though.

        another available option is to configure your router settings to let them assign an address automatically to your client(usb adapter). the address would then be permanent... i did this when i faced such problems with my connection giving me the ip address or a really weird one, which makes me unable to connect to the internet all the same....this configuration seems to work till now for me...


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          OK, thanks so much girls!

          Jo_ee's suggestions are the only ones that are familiar to me and I've tried. will try the rest later. Thanks so much!


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            Thanks so much girls! One of the suggestions worked (not sure which one). YAY!


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              glad to hear that!

              hope your connection will be good now...