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2004 Southeast Asia Tsunamis

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  • 2004 Southeast Asia Tsunamis

    Asian Quakes' Tsunami Kill More Than 7,000

    This is very bad news - what a sad Christmas this is. I hope those who are missing will be found soon!

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    Yup, was going to post on this too. Did anyone feel the tremors over here?

    I'm a bit worried cos I know of a friend living in Phuket now, and no news from him. And another friend who just got to Bangkok, but not sure if he went on to Phuket already. Texted him but no reply yet Hope they are ok.

    Does anyone know if Bali is affected too?


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      It is indeed saddening. Thailand is known to have the best holiday weather during this time and people literally flock there. Now everything is being washed away by a giant wave. Nothing left.

      Life is so fragile and unpredictable.


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        No Bali is not affected..

        This is a very sad piece of news. The worst hit country seems to be India, and the next is Maldives. 2/3 of Maldives is now submerged in water

        Singapore is indeed very lucky to be sheltered by Sumatra.


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          Its a sad piece of news. My boy's coursemate can't locate his family now. He's from Sri Lanka. And I bet there are just so many other people trying to get a piece of news from their loved ones.

          My another friend is considered lucky to have returned from Phuket 2 weeks ago.


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            yeah it's really sad.. phuket is affected as well. I was planning a phuket trip in january though..

            parents are kinda worried...


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              I have a friend in Phuket on a dive trip over this weekend! Thank goodness he's safe!


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                This is indeed very shock and sad

                now death toll more then 12,600 people already...and they say millions are still missing??

                i think the worst hit now is Sri Lanka........

                if the earth quake had happen sround Jakarta area, SG will also be hit we are so lucky.....


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                  i say it is best not to go to beach holidays during year ends


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                    My heart really goes out for the victims.. esp for adults who cant hold on to their children and found out later that the kids got drowned..


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                      The news give me goosebumps....


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                        I have a colleague at Medan, Indonesia for charity work. We were worried in the morning.
                        We just found out that she is safe and will be flying back tomorrow.


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                          This is really sad.

                          My sis and her family just came back from Phuket couple of weeks ago, phew!

                          Keeping all those affected in my prayers.


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                            The year has to end with such a terrible disaster. This is just so sad.

                            I feel so bad for all the people who are affected.


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                              My friend just came back from India yesterday. Thank god he's safe!